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PSI Colorado Real Estate Examination - Broker

Our Exam Prep program combines the Colorado Candidate Information Bulletin with expert knowledge and simplifies each topic for easy and efficient studying.

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National Portion and Colorado Portion Details

National Portion Topics
80 Questions - 120 Minutes

PSI Real Estate Exam National Portion chart

Colorado Portion Topics
74 Questions - 110 Minutes

Colorado Real Estate Exam State Portion chart
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Candidates must pass the Colorado state-approved course totaling 168 credit hours.

Your coursework from The CE Shop is comprehensive and up to date with current trends. Courses are designed to help you pass your Colorado licensing exam and prepare you for your new career in real estate. The real estate industry is very dynamic. That's why we'll give you insight on issues facing real estate agents in Colorado, including local government regulations and agency relationships. Every topic we cover is inspired by real-life scenarios you'll face as a broker in Colorado.

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