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From young professionals looking for affordability in the neighborhoods of Fontana to retirees looking to downsize in San Diego, SoCal real estate agents are in demand. At The CE Shop, we offer some of the most sophisticated on-the-go tools that make obtaining and maintaining your California real estate license as convenient and straightforward as possible - that way you can start helping your fellow Californians while building your name as the go-to real estate professional in your community.

State-Approved Education

With industry-leading pass rates, our California state-approved courses are specially designed to help students fulfill the state’s legal requirements for licensure and pass the exam on the first try.

Fully Online Experience

Designed for the busy professional, our California real estate courses are entirely online and allow you to take coursework on your time.

Real World Applications

Our online interactive courses use real-world exercises to prepare you for passing the exam and thriving in your future career.

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Real estate agents in SoCal make an average salary of
$96,286 per year.

Join us, from Pre-Licensing to your CE, to get the credentials and expertise you need to grow your career in real estate. Get started on your new career today!


California requires 135 hours of Pre-Licensing education to get your real estate sales license or 360 hours for a broker license.

Exam Prep

Exam Prep Edge is The CE Shop’s online study experience that will help you ace your licensing exam on the first try.


The state of California requires 45 hours of Post-Licensing within the first year of licensure for your sales license, and 45 hours of Post-Licensing for your broker license.

Continuing Education

Our comprehensive curriculum has everything you need for retaining your sales and broker license to strengthen your career through education.


Agent Essentials — The Pulse of SoCal California Real Estate

The best agents never stop learning. Check out the latest blogs, podcasts, and videos from the experts on The CE Shop Team.

Career Resources

The best agents never stop learning. Check out the latest blogs, podcasts, and videos from the experts on The CE Shop Team.

The Home Flipping Basics
by The CE Shop Team

Home flipping can be a highly profitable but risky business. You can increase your ROI by almost 50% by being in the right market. However, you need to do your research and be patient, knowing your first home flip might be a flop.

What Real Estate Professionals Can Adopt From Other Industries
by The CE Shop Team

In this ebook, we explore how having experience in different industries can help give you or your potential hires a unique advantage when it comes to serving real estate clients.

Episode 56: Matt Brower
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Matt talks about the challenges and opportunities of working in commercial real estate during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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