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Community Service Client Appreciation Events

posted onAugust 27, 2015
by The CE Shop Team


By Denise LonesThe Lones Group

I am often asked what kind of client appreciation events are the most successful. I am a big fan of client appreciation events because they give you an opportunity to reconnect with your past clients. It is a time to celebrate your clients and to thank them for their business and loyalty.

5 Myths About Millennial Home Buyers

posted onJuly 16, 2015
by The CE Shop Team


By Alex HariedRedfin Agent

As a real estate agent who regularly has Millennial clients, I feel like it’s worth a few minutes to debunk some of the myths I hear most often about my cohort when it comes to buying homes. Oh, and did I mention I’m a Millennial myself? We’re not as fickle and distracted as you might think.

Task Management: The Key to Getting It All Done

posted onJune 4, 2015
by The CE Shop Team


By Denise LonesThe Lones Group

A real estate agent that I coach recently presented me with a beautiful weekly calendar with lead generation, client follow-up, and potential client follow-up neatly organized according to time blocks and color-coded. I complimented him on his diligence and use of color in a calendar format and then informed him that with his personality type and business, this type of planning was not in his best interest.

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