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Your Face on a Bench: Marketing on Bus Stop Benches

posted onJanuary 18, 2016
by The CE Shop Team

Let’s talk bench ads.

We’ve all seen them – maybe you even have a few of your own. Ads on bus stop benches are one of the most popular – and economical – forms of outdoor advertising, a category that also includes billboards and transit vehicles. Just why, though, would someone want their face superimposed and placed on public furniture that people sit on, lay on, and maybe even sleep

Scents for a Buyer-Friendly Open House

posted onJanuary 8, 2016
by The CE Shop Team

When staging a home to appeal to the most people in the shortest amount of time, it seems obvious that the place should smell good. While hiding away all of the questionable artwork and various clutter, most agents will light a candle or two. Maybe spray some Febreze, give the bathroom its own oil diffuser, and take out the trash.

Day of Giving

posted onDecember 22, 2015
by The CE Shop Team


Here at The CE Shop, we believe in giving back. After all, “We give back” is one of the six core values that serve as the basis of our whole company. It’s part of what’s led us to a banner year in 2015, having been named as a Colorado Company to Watch, one of the Top 250 Privates Companies, and as one of the Top 5 Best Places to Work as a medium-sized company.

The True Cost of Adding a Curling Rink to Your Backyard

posted onDecember 17, 2015
by The CE Shop Team


Let’s talk about curling. No, not the thing you sometimes do to your hair, but rather the Olympic sport involving ice, brooms, and stones. It’s a much bigger, much colder version of shuffleboard, and some of the Olympians wear clothes like this, so you know it’s great.

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