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Shop Talk: October 20 Edition

posted onOctober 20, 2017
by The CE Shop Team
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Welcome to Shop Talk, our weekly round-up of industry news.

The Shortage Isn't Over Yet

Despite the nationwide housing shortage and its insane effects on the hottest markets around the country, you can expect a continued shortage of homes for the near future. The recent slate of hurricanes is partially to blame, but the good news is that more condos and apartment buildings are expected.

Aston Martin Enters Luxury Real Estate

The famous luxury car maker is entering real estate in Miami, and naturally they're going big. They've announced a 66-story residential tower to be finished in 2021, and it'll feature 391 condos, pools, a virtual golf room and two cinemas.

Global Cities Risk a Bubble

The risk of a real estate bubble in certain markets has drastically increased in recent years. The top affected cities are Toronto, Stockholm, and Munich, but a few American cities are considered overvalued as well.

Real Estate Markets Can't Handle Natural Events

In an unsurprising turn of events, hurricanes and wildfires have really disrupted certain markets. How areas like Houston and northern California will recover remains to be seen.

The Dark Side of Amazon's HQ2

With all of the craziness surrounding bids for Amazon's second headquarters, it's easy to forget the dark side. Though there's a lot of potential for jobs and growth to any city's economy, the spike in real estate prices is definitely a hurdle to consider.


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