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10 Game Changing Reasons to Use a Next-Gen CRM

Wondering exactly how a real estate CRM can help you better manage and grow your business? In this information-packed webinar, see specific real-world examples of how a robust real estate CRM can make it easy to keep in touch and stay on task with all your clients, prospects, and important referral sources. 

In this webinar, IXACT executive Shannon McGee will show you how IXACT Contact helps you:

  1. Always follow up with a prospect or past client
  2. Build stronger relationships
  3. Maximize the number of leads you convert into clients
  4. Set goals and track your performance
  5. Stay organized and in control of listings and buyers
  6. Work on the go
  7. Automate your keep-in-touch marketing
  8. Develop your online presence
  9. Generate leads through automated social media marketing
  10. Get more referrals and repeat business


Shannon McGee, Sales Director at IXACT Contact, has a long history with CRM systems and a strong enthusiasm for business automation.