Real Estate Press Release

The Ultimate Real Estate Press Release Guide For Agents - Ideas, Examples, & Templates

by The CE Shop Team

What Can Real Estate Agents Use Press Releases For? 

Press releases can be an incredibly powerful and effective way to increase your lead generation. Not only can you send your message to your existing client base to pump up your brand but you can also increase your chances of getting noticed. 

That’s because press releases, while they seem like a very direct blog or letter, are really story-worthy pieces that are tee’d up for journalists, bloggers, and influencers to take and make unique for their own audience. 

Of course, when that occurs, your brand, event, or message still remains the main ingredient. Should the press pick up on your PR tee up, you could be featured in a number of reputable publications — and that’s great for your real estate business.

Not as familiar with press releases as you think you ought to be? This guide will go over the basics of press releases, including what to include in your press releases as well as what types of things are usually worthy of the investment. 

Press release worthy happenings include:  

  • Awards 
  • Charity 
  • Commercial real estate unveilings 
  • Market trends 
  • Events
  • Remarkable real estate team growth 
  • Unique/historic property listings
  • Celebrity property listings
  • Joint ventures
  • Weird/unusual happenings in the real estate industry

Commercial Real Estate Press Release Tips

Commercial real estate happenings make for great press releases, especially if they involve unique or desirable businesses. If there’s a large job creator coming to the area, that’s definitely newsworthy. Likewise, if there’s a great restaurant or mixed-use space that’s going to bring new life to the neighborhood, that’s newsworthy as well. Like other press releases, find a property transaction or a happening at the firms that tells a story. Then include the who, what, where, when, and why to make things ripe for the picking. 

Pro Tip: 

If it’s a juicy enough initiative, story, or event, then sometimes a quick social media post is enough to get your press release circulating among the press. Just be sure that your posts are sharable and viewable by the general public. 

How To Distribute Your Real Estate Press Release

In order for your press release to be effective, it needs to be accessible and distributed to both press and your sphere of influence. The best place to begin your press release distribution is by posting it on your own real estate website, preferably in a ‘press release’ section or your blog, where it can be accessed around the clock.   

Once that’s posted, then it’s time to post and distribute the press release through other channels. In smaller towns and cities with smaller publications, you can email your press release directly to the editor. In bigger metropolitan areas, you’ll want to send it to local real estate journalists or influencers in addition to posting it on distribution service sites like Newswire, eReleases, EIN Presswire, and PR Distribution. There, your press release can be picked up by the press. 

Should your story get picked up by the local news, you can spread the word by sending the finished publication to your entire sphere of influence. Share it on social media, send it via an email marketing campaign, link to it on your website, and be sure to tell your friends because it’s a spotlight worth celebrating.   

If it doesn’t get written about right away, wait a week or so to see if anybody comes across it. Then if it’s still not getting any action, you might as well send it to your sphere of influence yourself — that way it’s not content wasted. 

What to Include In a Real Estate Press Release 

Excited by the prospect of grabbing the attention of news outlets, you might be ready to pen your own press release. However, before you start pecking at your keyboard, there are a few things to make sure you include. 

The first is to make sure you include all of your contact information, the date, a gripping headline, and links to your own personal branding, e.g. website, social media accounts (including LinkedIn), and blog, as well as the verbiage “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE”. 

Now you’re ready to write. Journalists tend to ask themselves “who, what, where, when, and why” questions, so be sure to include answers to most, if not all, of those questions. To sweeten the deal, you can include a few facts or statistics (with sources) or a little blurb about you/the brokerage.  

They’ll also want some quotes, too. So whether you’re quoting yourself or a few of your colleagues, make sure to include a few eloquent and relevant words.   

Real Estate Press Release Example & Template 

Now, there’s no set way to write a press release. The important thing here is the information. Still in the dark? Here’s a very brief real estate press release template and example:

(Name)  Jane Doe                                                                                                                                                                                           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
(Company) JD Realty                                                                                                                                                                                      (Date)
(Social Media) @janedoesellsseashells

(Headline) Jane Doe of JD Realty Wins Prestigious Top Agent Award 

(Body) Honolulu, HI: On October 7, 2021, Jane Doe of JD Realty, a real estate brokerage specializing in selling tiny seaside properties, took home the ultra-prestigious “Not Bad For a Beach Bum Agent Award”. With 15 years as an agent under her belt, she started the brokerage JD Realty just 3 years ago. Over the last year, she personally sold over $25M worth of prime Hawaii real estate, making her one of the area’s top agents. 

When asked why she decided to go into real estate she said: 

(Quote) “I just want to help people, who’ve worked hard their entire lives, find that little slice of paradise they’ve always dreamed of. I’m humbled to be a part of that process, and honestly, I get to spend more time on the beach than most others.” 

(Bonus Blurb) As for the future, the well-respected real estate company hopes to continue serving clients in a real estate market that — thanks to the pandemic — has seen a 14.2% increase in home values, bidding wars that are increasing selling prices on average $15,000, and a severely limited inventory. JD Realty’s connections, experience, and local knowledge give them an advantage in connecting home buyers with their dream property. 


Of course, everybody does their press release just a little bit differently. Some have multiple quotes, some have an “about” blurb, and others just list the information straight with bullet points. The key is to find the press release format that works for you and get the information to the right people to tell your story.