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Women in Real Estate: Louisiana’s Jordan “Fincher” Fruge
March 22, 2021

Women in Real Estate: Louisiana’s Jordan “Fincher” Fruge

by The CE Shop Team

Women Are Making Waves in Louisiana Real Estate

In Louisiana, women and real estate go together like red beans and rice. One agent in particular, Jordan "Fincher" Fruge, is living proof of that. Fruge is a second-generation real estate agent who got a taste of the industry from a young age, got hooked on it, and is now recognized by Top Agent Magazine as one of Louisiana’s best agents.

Meet Jordan “Fincher” Fruge

Source: Coldwell Banker

According to Fruge, her interest in real estate began in college when she started working for her mother’s brokerage firm. She was pursuing a degree in accounting all while getting an inside look at the residential real estate industry. There she gained invaluable experience as she worked in various positions around the firm and fell in love with the business.

Of course, that seems to happen quite frequently. Many people don’t necessarily plan to get into real estate; real estate chooses them, and they become enamored with the industry in return. After all, real estate is a platform with many avenues to success, and it can benefit anyone willing to put in the work.

In Fruge’s case, the methodical, logic-based thinking she practiced when she was pursuing an accounting degree and her unwavering commitment to her clients are part of what makes her so successful.

“I offer my clients a precise system to help them understand each step of the process,” she told Top Agent Magazine. “Using it, I can help them keep track of the transaction from beginning to end — and beyond. My real estate business has been built around one guiding principle: It’s all about you.”

In 2019, Fruge was the force behind $4.98 million-worth in volume at an average sales price of $145,000 and counting. Considering how hot real estate has been this year, we’re willing to bet that 2021 will be even better.

Women and Real Estate Overview

In the United States, ~67.0% of all residential real estate agents are women. However, it wasn’t always that way. According to our video, “The History of Women in Real Estate”, women have played an essential role in the industry as early as 1794, but it wasn’t until the early 1950s that women began to equalize the field.

Even in today’s larger, more-inclusive industry, there’s a lot of work left to be done. Women only make up 36.7% of the commercial real estate industry — a figure that’s remained stagnant for the past 15+ years.

Additionally, the CREW 2020 Benchmark Study Report notes that women in commercial real estate earn approximately 10.2% less than their male counterparts, and the commission and bonus gap remains at a bewildering 55.9%. Still, progress is being made. Greater numbers of younger women are entering both residential and commercial than ever before, and people like Fruge keep inspiring us year after year to become the best real estate agent around.

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