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Why Real Estate Agents Should Buy Online Leads
October 19, 2021

Why Real Estate Agents Should Buy Online Leads

by The CE Shop Team

Buying Leads Is Part of an Effective Lead Generation Strategy

Whether you’re a new real estate agent or you’ve been in the game for decades, generating leads can be one of the most difficult parts of the job.

In 2020, a typical real estate agent had 10 transactions, down from 12 in 2019, according to the National Association of REALTORS® annual survey of its members.

With an estimated 3 million active real estate agents across the country, how do you close more deals and beat the average?

Blogs and news sites are filled with tips on how to find new leads, from effectively using social media to investing in your personal website. 

It’s true that those things are important, but your strategy should also include buying leads from a reputable lead generation company like BoldLeads.

Why Buy Leads? 


Perhaps most importantly, buying leads is convenient. If you’re a working real estate agent, you’re likely incredibly busy. Although lead generation is a crucial part of building your business, you might not have time to dedicate to the process as it can require significant effort.

When you buy leads, the process is done for you, freeing up your time to dedicate to other aspects of your business.

To be clear, though, the convenience of buying online leads doesn’t mean that you can sit back and fail to follow up with potential clients. 

In fact, for the average agent, only 0.4%-1.2% of leads actually materialize into a deal. For tips on how to effectively convert potential clients into buyers and sellers, read our free ebook, How Agents Can Effectively Convert Internet Leads.

Strategic Growth

When you’re finding and following up with leads on your own, there’s plenty of room for error. 

For example, one study shows that U.S. businesses spend billions of dollars generating sales leads only to lose more than 70% of them because they don’t make contact quickly enough, RISMedia reported.

Some agents might also be relying on outdated strategies for how to find new clients, such as cold calling or knocking on doors.

There are so many reasons why you might be losing leads, but when you buy leads, the company you’re working with is likely to have a structured plan for how to find and follow up with your potential new clients. You’re likely to benefit from software that keeps everything organized for you, too.

When you buy leads, you’ll be able to automate some of the process while showing off what makes you a perfect fit for your potential new clients.


All real estate agents know that there can be slow periods throughout the year, which is why it’s important to nurture leads year-round that could eventually become your next sale.

When you buy leads, they might not turn into a sale right away. But when you’re committed to nurturing leads, you’re more likely to convert that lead into a sale, even if it’s months down the road. That kind of planning will keep your business consistent for years to come. 

For new agents who haven’t yet made their name in the industry, building up business by buying leads can be especially important. For experienced agents, unlocking this level of consistency can boost their business to new heights.

Why BoldLeads?

Last year alone, BoldLeads has helped thousands of agents generate over 1.2 million buyer and seller leads.

Here’s how their process works:

  1. Select your territory so that BoldLeads can connect you with buyer and seller leads in your city, and then you’ll set your budget and create your ads. The BoldLeads team customizes your ads with regional images and proven ad copy and lead magnets, as well as landing pages.

  2. Once your ad goes live, you'll start collecting leads. BoldLeads keeps track of the potential clients who see your ads and collects the information they’re prompted to submit when they click and pursue your ad. That information is stored in BoldLeads’ CRM, keeping everything organized for you.

  3. As soon as the lead submits their contact information, BoldLeads begins sending out automated outreach to follow up with their initial request. BoldLeads sends out texts, emails, and even has the option to send pre-recorded voicemails. You’ll have the ability to adjust how often messages are sent, edit the templates, or create your own outreach messages.

  4. When one of your leads responds to the outreach sent by BoldLeads with a verified mobile number, they begin with Text Concierge. In other words, a trained BoldLeads team member is passed your lead, and they act as your personal assistant to qualify your leads and keep them warm. The Text Concierge program will maintain and work with up to 500 leads at a time for 12 months each (in addition to the leads they are generating for you!).

  5. Once the lead has graduated from the Text Concierge program, you’ll claim your pre-prepped lead. But at any stage, you have access to all of the data in BoldLeads’ CRM so you can review the lead’s information, including the conversations they’ve had with the Text Concierge.

  6. Since not every lead will be ready to move forward immediately, BoldLeads’ CRM also lets you set up additional automated outreaches, including texts, emails, and pre-recorded video messages. 

Sign up with BoldLeads today and stress less while maximizing your pipeline of leads!

About BoldLeads

BoldLeads is the leader in real estate lead generation. Our automated, quality lead generation and follow-up system serve thousands of agents across the United States and Canada. We continue to crush competitors by delivering exceptional results for our clients.

We understand how rough real estate lead generation can be. From support teams that do not respond to leads that never opt-in and competition between agents for the same leads, we understand what hurdles you need to jump in order to succeed.

We're out to change that.

BoldLeads offers a simple tool that maximizes your resources to get the most leads in a short amount of time, with measurable results. Boldleads also has powerful training guides and a dedicated support team, because your success is important to us.