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Why Do the Cowboys Always Play on Thanksgiving?
November 9, 2020

Why Do the Cowboys Always Play on Thanksgiving?

by The CE Shop Team

It’s Just Not Thanksgiving Without the Cowboys

We’ve said it before, but real estate brings people and families together. Imagine it now: You’ve just had a Thanksgiving feast that couldn’t be beaten, expertly prepared in that new kitchen with its six-burner range and double oven, and it’s time to digest. Perhaps even a kitchen like the one in this modern Dallas 4 bed, 4 bath home? You fix another drink and retire to an airy open-concept den or your mancave to kick up your feet. You turn on the Cowboys game, and there it is — another successful Thanksgiving on the books. However, this beloved combination of football and turkey is a fairly recent tradition. Can you imagine Thanksgiving without the Cowboys on?

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The Cowboys’ First Thanksgiving Appearance

Some of you might be old enough to remember the days when this tradition was still very new. It all goes back to the year 1966, when the average cost of a house in the United States was just $21,400 (or $172,976.13 when adjusted for inflation). At that time, America’s Team had only been in the NFL for 6 years and was still trying to shed its lackluster league debut. In 1960, the Cowboys went 0-11-1. The year after they went 4-9-1, and they finished 5-8-1 after five consecutive losses at the end of the 1964 season.

Then-Cowboys general manager Tex Schramm, the person also responsible for the formation and promotion of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, was somewhat of a marketing guru and was looking for a way to boost Cowboys viewership. When the opportunity to play on Thanksgiving arose, Schramm jumped. He had witnessed the Detroit Lions garner so much interest with their Turkey Day experiment in 1934 that they had to turn fans away. Schramm decided that the Cowboys should try playing a Thanksgiving game themselves.

Unsure whether or not people would turn out and tune in to see the young, somewhat mediocre Cowboys team play, both the organization and the NFL gave it a shot. The result? Over 80,000 fans showed up, obliterating previous attendance records. With Don Meredith at quarterback, the Cowboys won that game, beating the Cleveland Browns 26-14, and thus a new Turkey Day tradition was born. Cowboys football and Thanksgiving would forever go together like mashed potatoes and homemade gravy. The Cowboys went on to finish the 1966 season at an impressive 10-3-1, securing their spot in the hearts and minds of viewers nationwide.

Are you or one of your clients a die-hard Cowboys fan? Check out our September blog which takes a closer look at the surprisingly affordable real estate surrounding AT&T Stadium in Arlington. Otherwise, the Cowboys are scheduled to host the Washington Football Team at 3:30 PM. Don’t miss it!

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