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Who Are Savannah's Best-Known Ghosts?
October 5, 2020

Who Are Savannah's Best-Known Ghosts?

by The CE Shop Team

Introducing Savannah’s Most Popular Ghosts

Formally established in 1733, Savannah is the oldest city in the state of Georgia, which is great for real estate professionals. Just think: for every historic Savannah home you sell, you’re helping to preserve a piece of Georgia history that can’t be found anywhere else. But it’s not all peaches and stately Southern homes; Savannah’s history also includes two devastating fires (one in 1796 and the other in 1820) and three yellow fever outbreaks that killed nearly a tenth of its residents. Not surprisingly, it’s regarded as a hotbed of paranormal activity that repeatedly earns top spots on “most haunted cities” lists - perfect for those occult-seekers who might want to meet some of Savannah’s most well-known poltergeists.

Anna Powers

Image provided by Explore Georgia

Said to haunt the 17hundred90 Inn & Restaurant, one of the area’s oldest inns, Anna Powers lived sometime in the late 18th century. She quickly fell in love with a sailor who was staying at the inn, but their romance wasn’t without turmoil. One night after a big fight with her beau, Anna went to the second floor of the inn and jumped, thereby taking her own life. To this day, guests who stay in room 204 report lights flickering, the fireplace turning on and off, and the door mysteriously locking and unlocking.

The Young Girl at the Isaiah Davenport House

Image provided by ADPRO

The Isaiah Davenport House is a popular stop on many of the local ghost tours. Constructed in 1821, the property is more of a museum and event venue rather than a residence, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t otherworldly inhabitants who still call it home. People have reported seeing the ghost of a young girl who roams the house’s upper floor and sometimes stares down at onlookers on the street. Those who tour the inside of the home also report seeing a cat run from one room to another, but longtime employees will tell you that no such cat exists, at least not on this side of mortality. Nobody knows how either of them passed, but the property was temporarily used as a boarding house at one point where the young girl likely succumbed to yellow fever.

The Poltergeists at the Moon River Brewing Company

Image provided by Visit Savannah

Moon River Brewing Company has a reputation for being one of the most haunted spots in Savannah. In fact, it even brews a beer called “Apparition Ale” that we imagine is scary good. Much of its paranormal activity likely stems from the fact that the building operated as a hotel in 1821 before it was repurposed as a hospital for yellow fever victims during the Civil War. Guests report seeing the ghost of an old woman dressed in vintage garb at the top of the staircase and an apparition named Toby who likes to shove guests playing billiards.

Patients at The Marshall House

Image provided by Visit Savannah

The Marshall House Hotel, constructed in 1851, is one of those historic properties that make Savannah what it is. But some guests seem to be looking to stay around for an eternity, and can you blame them? The location is fantastic. However, behind its charming exterior lurks a macabre past. The property served as a hospital for yellow fever twice and as a Union hospital during the Civil War, which is probably why guests of the hotel report hauntings constantly. Whether they’re seeing ghosts wander the hallways, watching faucets randomly turn on, or hearing the sounds of children running down the hall when no children are present, one thing is for sure: a stay at The Marshall House is to die for.

There are plenty of other spirits bustling around the Hostess City of the South. Do you have a client interested in purchasing a property in Savannah? If so, be sure to brief them that historic properties sometimes come with historic roommates, especially in a city with as much history as Savannah. But, hey, anywhere that humans have lived for more than a few years is going to have its share of spooky figures, and let’s face it: those homes are worth it!

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