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What Would Clark Griswold Do During a COVID-19 Thanksgiving?
November 3, 2020

What Would Clark Griswold Do During a COVID-19 Thanksgiving?

by The CE Shop Team

Overcome a COVID-19 Thanksgiving With Ideas Inspired by America’s Favorite Family Man, Clark Griswold

Thanks to COVID-19, the usual traditions of gorging on drumsticks while fighting with your in-laws about what truly constitutes a violation of an agency’s fiduciary duties - something you can learn about for your NAR Code of Ethics requirements - are out the window. In their place comes limitless quarantinis, smaller-than-usual servings of microwavable Velveta, and an impending mundaneness from not seeing the family. While this year may prevent you from seeing your kinfolk, it shouldn’t stop you from staying close with your family, friends, and clients you haven’t seen in quite some time. That’s why we’ve decided to ask the most important question this season: What would Clark Griswold do? His family-first personality can be a great inspiration for getting the most out of “Thanksdistancing” this November.

What Would Clark Griswold Do During a COVID-19 Thanksgiving?

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1. Have a Virtual Beer With Your Cousin Eddie

Clark Griswold is a family man who believes that male bonding is the purest form of connection. So, to catch up with the family, he would probably be more inclined to crack open a can of Bud Heavy and make a Zoom call with his Cousin Eddie. These types of calls can sometimes feel artificial, which is why connecting with the black sheep or the “weird one” of the family will feel anything but. If you have any old clients who match this type of persona, a Zoom call beer could also be the perfect catch-up moment you need. Just don’t let them in the door if they arrive unexpectedly in their RV.

2. Gamble on Football With Your Nieces and Nephews

While we do not fully condone gambling, getting Ruby Sue and Cousin Rocky to throw a few dollars on the Cowboys game and root for the same team is a total Clark Griswold move. Consider getting your clients in on the action too, but make sure you’re following all NAR Code of Ethics standards. You do not want to be taking their bets and begin the slow but highly illegal transformation from respected real estate agent to a sketchy bookie, something Clark would probably get into himself.

3. Host a Nailed It! Competition With Friends and Clients

As the patriarch of the Griswold family, Clark is known for his overly eccentric antics. Remember that time he shorted the neighborhood electricity grid due to his Christmas decorations? Exactly. That’s why a Nailed It! Competition would be right up his alley. Nailed It! is a competition show in which amateur cooks seek redemption by re-creating edible masterpieces. You, Ellen, Rusty, and Audrey (i.e. your family) can host this competition over Zoom with friends and clients. Make sure to add other side games as well, especially if you decide to start the contest before everyone begins cooking.

4. Write Hilarious Letters to Your Favorite People (and Clients)

Alright, so maybe Clark wouldn’t do this unless, of course, he was desperate for a bonus to build that new swimming pool. Writing a letter is probably the most antiquated mode of communication we’ve discussed on Agent Essentials and yet, probably the most sincere and effective when going after the right clientele. Writing letters is taxing, but it can mean the world to someone, especially if they’re isolated due to COVID-19 concerns. Showing you care during a time of giving thanks will resonate with your recipients and could create a long-lasting relationship. If Clark did do this, he’d probably be lazy and write the same letter for each person. It’s not wrong to copy and paste your season’s greetings, but you need to consider personability. Implementing a structured letter that works for all and includes a more personal touch - similar to how most approach cover letters - will help you write more without losing sincerity.

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5. Socially-Distanced Tailgate in the Park

If this doesn’t scream Clark Griswold, we don’t know what will. Hosting a tailgate during Thanksgiving weekend is an easy way to get friends, family, and clients out of the house and into their best form. Make sure to tell guests that this get-together is BYOB and BYOF, and avoid activities like throwing the pigskin around. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with pulling off a King of the Hill circle hang to discuss how your son Rusty is destined for middle management.

6. Get a Golf Tournament Together on Black Friday

You might not be great at golf, but neither is Clark (unless you want to swap Chevy Chase characters and consider yourself a Ty Webb instead). Either way, golf is a great late fall sport to take advantage of due to its low COVID-19 risk. While not everyone may be a good golfer, who cares? It’s golf! At the very least, it’s a great moment to make fun of everyone’s swings while safely reconnecting with people you may not have seen since March.

COVID-19 has certainly placed a mile-high mountain on all of our abilities to celebrate Thanksgiving. Our beloved traditions likely need to be adjusted for 2020, but if you take on that good ole’ Clark Griswold machismo, you can still make the most of this holiday season. Connecting with family, friends, and clients isn’t just good for business; it’s good for you.

The CE Shop hopes you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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