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What Skills Do You Need to Become an Ohio Real Estate Agent: Joe Burrow Edition
February 10, 2020

What Skills Do You Need to Become an Ohio Real Estate Agent: Joe Burrow Edition

by The CE Shop Team

Utilize Joe Burrow’s Skills to Become the Best Agent You Can Be

When you think about last season’s Heisman Trophy-winning, NCAA National Champion slinging, sure-fire number one NFL draft pick Joe Burrow, Ohio real estate agent probably doesn’t come to mind. However, just because you don’t have Joe’s athletic ability doesn’t mean you can’t learn from his skills and use them in your own career.

By learning and applying these four skills, you’ll be able to steal Joe Burrow’s on-the-field abilities and use them in your career.

Applying Joe Burrow’s Skills to Real Estate

1) Knows How to Take a Hit and Get Back Up

We all know Joe Burrow must have some serious gall to play quarterback for LSU against the SEC––the fiercest conference in college football. What you might know is a year and a half ago he was the third-string QB for the Ohio State Buckeyes. So, how did a no-name guy quickly rise from the low-rungs of the depth chart totem pole all the way to Heisman Trophy winner?

He understood failure is part of the process.

As a real estate agent, you’re going to have your failures. It’s inevitable. What’s most important is not how you fail but how you get back up. Learning from your mistakes and seeking new opportunities will be the ultimate factors that determine your success. Joe failed in becoming the Buckeye’s starting QB. Instead of giving up just because Urban Meyer said he wasn’t good enough, he moved on and used what he learned to put up what is arguably the best season a quarterback has had in NCAA history.

For whatever challenges defeat you in your long career, remember to be like Joe and get back up.

2) He Seeks Opportunity

Joe needed to leave Ohio State in order to become the player he is today. He knew he had the skills to be the best, but didn’t have the right place to show his talent. When he realized this issue, he went out and sought new opportunities by transferring to LSU.

Pivoting when things turn sour is normal when working in the real estate industry. Your local target market may turn stale. Potential clients you thought were in the bag will choose another agent. Picky clients will find every little pedantic reason not to go through with a sale. Stuff happens.

Instead of drowning in sorrow, move on. Opportunities come and go, but your internal fortitude will define your career forever.

3) Calm in a Crisis

As the quarterback, every dropback pass is another chance for a 6’7, 330-pound defensive lineman to pancake you. Meanwhile, you’re required to go through the progressions of reading the blitz, maneuvering yourself within the pocket, and figuring out which receiver is open––all within 3 seconds of time.

Just like football, the real estate industry can feel like organized chaos. And just like players like Joe, you must find a way to stay calm when things go south. Joe does this by being the most prepared person on the field. It allows him to embrace a crisis moment while looking for ways to further help his team win.

In simpler terms, embrace the chaos and keep moving on.

4) Great Vision on the Field

What makes for a great quarterback like Joe Burrow is his ability to clearly see the field and the goal at hand. He’s always looking for the open receiver, just like how real estate agents are always looking for the next property to sell. Sometimes, the receiver isn’t open and he either takes the sack or throws the ball away. Joe knows there will be other chances later in the game.

Real estate agents must be just as tactful in their approach; always be looking for the next client but understand the current situation at hand. Acting improperly in a situation immediately underscores any long-term relationship you both could benefit from. Thinking ahead while uncovering and capitalizing on leads will set you up for career success.

Become the Heisman of Real Estate Agents

The parallels between Joe Burrow and your future career are uncanny. His skills on and off the field can help you strive for greatness. Yes, you might not become the next Heisman candidate, but if you can ever utilize Joe Burrows’s skills to push your career to greater heights, anything is possible. Well, except throwing a perfect spiral on the move 70 yards downfield for a game-winning touchdown. That skill’s reserved for Joe.

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