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What Die Hard Can Teach Real Estate Agents
December 14, 2020

What Die Hard Can Teach Real Estate Agents

by The CE Shop Team

Die Hard's Biggest Star Is Not Bruce Willis

Die Hard is one of the most heavily-debated Christmas (or non-Christmas?) movies of all time. The 1988 action thriller takes place at a Christmas party, but Santa is nowhere in sight. Instead, the film follows Bruce Willis as grizzled NYPD cop John McClane, working as a one-man army against a team of terrorists occupying a Los Angeles highrise.

In the midst of an iconic cast, the film produced one major breakout star. Through all the roof-jumping, window-smashing, and various exploding plot devices, Fox Plaza, the 34-story skyscraper where nearly the entire movie was filmed, became a global icon. In fact, the building was so popular that promotional posters gave Fox Plaza just as much real estate as Willis.

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As clients shop around for a home for the holidays, real estate agents should note how the now-famous building was highlighted in the film. While we certainly don't recommend blowing up portions of your listings, consider borrowing some marketing influences from Hollywood and the beloved Die Hard movie. The box office, or at least your social media followers, will be on the edge of their seat.

Take a Note From Die Hard and Turn Your Listings Into Stars

Promote the Exterior

Fox Plaza's character was a swanky and upscale office building for a highly profitable company, and it certainly looked the part. The building's sleek chrome and glass facade was an unexpectedly perfect place for the wild-west-like storyline. A major part of the building's appeal lies in its elegance, and the festive holiday decor didn't hurt, either.

Installing floor-to-ceiling windows isn't a necessity, but agents can mimic this marketing ploy with listings of all sizes by advising clients to tend to their curb appeal. Whether they're trimming hedges, applying a fresh coat of paint, or adding some holiday home decor, the exterior is buyers' first impression of the property. Ensuring an attractive view from the street is one of the easiest ways to instill star quality in your listings.

Highlight Unique Features

Fox Plaza is also unique in its stature, rising well above the low-lying buildings nearby. Its sheer size and style draw your eye and invite you to appreciate the clean lines and architecture. The fact that this space is so easily-recognizable also helped mold it into a star.

Even if you're not selling a skyscraper, you can still highlight anything unique to the home. Perhaps it's an eye-catching tree in the front yard in need of some holiday lights or a custom deck that would pop with a fresh coat of stain. If nothing jumps out at you, suggest your client add a focal point. A pop of color on the front door is a quick and easy way to add personalized visual interest.

Allow a Peek Behind the Scenes

The film highlighted not only the stately aspects of the building, but also the more functional spaces that keep it humming. From air conditioning ducts to elevator shafts, there isn't an architectural feature of Fox Plaza that wasn't highlighted in Die Hard. Showing viewers these nitty-gritty details made the story feel raw and real, inviting viewers even deeper into the action.

In that same vein, don't be afraid to show potential buyers the "guts" of your listings! Whether it's sporting an unfinished basement or untidy backyard, authentic spaces can often feel much more accessible than sterile, perfectly-staged listings. Plus, it's always important to give the potential owner the whole story before they buy.

This holiday season, your listings could achieve Bruce Willis- or, even better, Fox Plaza-levels of stardom. Take a few Hollywood-inspired marketing tips to potentially sell more homes, and consider dropping off a copy of the debatable Christmas movie as a closing gift. Yippee-ki-yay!

Hero image source: 20th Century Fox

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