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Post-Licensing Education Requirements for a TN Real Estate License
May 8, 2020

What Are the Post-Licensing Education Requirements for a TN Real Estate License?

by The CE Shop Team

Complete Your Post-Licensing Education In Tennessee

Post-Licensing is not required in every state, but in the great state of Tennessee it is required education for your real estate license. States that require Post-Licensing vary in their requirements, so it’s important to know yours. 

One thing states that require Post-Licensing have in common is that you only need to take it once. After that, requirements will vary on most every level from length of course, when Post-Licensing needs to be completed, and whether or not you have required seat time. Unfortunately, Tennessee requires you to take 120 hours for your Broker Post-Licensing certification. The CE Shop has a full offering for these requirements.

Learn What’s Required For Your Post-Licensing Education in Tennessee

The licensing requirement information below helps summarize the requirements established by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission, which is not a fun read, but is important to know. 

Tennessee Post-Licensing Requirements

Post-Licensing Certification Requirement: Must be completed during the first 3 years of licensure.

Continuing Education and License Renewal Date: Every two years

Final Exams: Final exams must be passed with a minimum of 75%.

Repeating Courses: The Tennessee Real Estate Commission only allows a licensee to complete one core course per licensing renewal cycle. If you complete more than one core course in the same renewal cycle, the system will not recognize the second core course and you will not receive any credit for the second core course.

Seat Time: The Tennessee Real Estate Commission requires that all students spend a minimum amount of seat time engaged in the course content. Our online course delivery system manages this requirement for you.

Reporting: Real estate course completions are reported to the Tennessee Real Estate Commission by The CE Shop. The state requires schools to report course completions within seven to ten days from the course completion date. 

Expiration Date of Course: Course expiration dates vary by course but are generally one year after order date. Each course has an individual expiration date which is listed in your account.

Certificates: Upon completion of the course, The CE Shop will provide students with an electronic Certificate of Completion. Certificates will remain in your account for a minimum of five years, should you need additional copies.

License Renewal Process: The process to renew in Tennessee is to log in to the licensing system online and follow the prompts to renew.  

How To Get Ready For Your Post-Licensing Education

Tackling your Tennessee Post-Licensing course will not be easy - 120 hours of any topic is a lot to handle. Thankfully, The CE Shop has a plethora of career resources available to you! Through Agent Essentials, our hub for all real estate tips and tricks, we research and create content covering topics you are interested in. These resources range from ways to help you achieve your goals, to study tips for acing your exam.

If you have any additional questions about Post-License requirements for Tennessee, we recommend contacting the Tennessee Real Estate Commission.

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