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What Agents Can Learn From Marketing Champ Elizabeth Fauerso
March 15, 2021

What Agents Can Learn From Marketing Champ Elizabeth Fauerso

by The CE Shop Team

Advice From San Antonio’s Elizabeth Fauerso

Elizabeth Fauerso is the type of business leader whose acumen precedes her. She’s helped large brands such as AT&T, Levi, Procter & Gamble, Southwest Airlines, and Pepsi refine their image in the public sphere, but more impressively, she’s the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of Pearl in San Antonio. Not surprisingly, she’s honed a valuable perspective on being a businesswoman, a marketer, and a leader — all things relevant to also becoming a successful real estate professional.

Pearl, San Antonio

Image source Visit San Antonio

Pearl District in San Antonio is a neighborhood revivalist’s dream. What originally got its claim to fame in 1916 as the largest brewery in Texas is now a hotel and the centerpiece of one of San Antonio’s most hip and happening mixed-used spaces. And don’t think it’s just cool by San Antonio’s standards: The Pearl flagship, Hotel Emma, was ranked the 23rd best hotel in the nation. Anyone who’s visited will tell you it’s truly a unique experience and a brilliant exercise in branding.

The Hotel Emma’s steampunk-esque, industrial-chic majesty oozes charisma, style, and a sense of uniqueness that clearly rubs off on the surrounding businesses and properties. A great example is this 2 bed, 3 bath townhome just steps from the area going for $629k, far higher than San Antonio’s $202k average home value.

That’s likely thanks in large part to Fauerso and others like her who’ve helped create one of the Lone Star State’s most unique spaces.

Elizabeth Fauerso’s Take

Elizabeth Fauerso
Image source: Gabe Hernandez - San Antonio Business Journal

In an interview with the San Antonio Business Journal, Fauerso offered plenty of advice that’s useful for business leaders across multiple industries, but it’s particularly apt for women in real estate.

“Speak about yourself, your work, your team and your ideas positively, confidently, and with commitment and conviction,” she said. “ It seems like obvious advice, but when I really pay attention to my language throughout the day, I will notice how easy it is to fall into the habit of using language that diminishes your presence and contributions.”

She’s not wrong either. The power of positivity is essential for anyone to achieve success at any stage of their real estate career. The language we use shapes how we view things and how other people perceive us.

Furthermore, it’s so powerful that the Mayo Clinic has recognized that positive thinking can have a measurable impact on our own overall health. Easier said than done, right? It always is, but there are steps you can take to help yourself along the way such as seeking counseling, exercising more, practicing meditation with self-reflection, and not skipping self-care days.

Then there’s finding what your purpose is.

“Finding that place in the world or that industry that inspires the passion and engagement that leads to deep commitment is essential. When you are truly committed, there's nothing you can't access in terms of your energy, your intelligence and fortitude,” Fauerso said.

Luckily, the real estate industry has a lot of room for passionate and purposeful people. From those whose purpose is to help families thrive to those who love architecture and design, real estate is for everyone from every background. Find your purpose in the industry, and you’ll likely be more resistant to hardship and more prone to execute your vision.

Who knows? Somewhere between positivity and purpose, you could just create the next Pearl.

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*Hero image source: Josh Huskin - San Antonio Business Journal