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Waterfront Whispers: Housing the Fort Worth Lake Monster
October 26, 2021

Waterfront Whispers: Housing the Fort Worth Lake Monster

by The CE Shop Team

This Monster Wants a Waterfront Property

One of the most popular cryptids of Texas folklore is the infamous Lake Worth Monster. Not like any mythical creature you’ve heard about before, this goatman lake monster has terrorized residents of Fort Worth for decades.

Despite his dubious past, it’s time for this mysterious monster to settle down and enjoy the American dream of homeownership. 

Lake Worth Monster Photo

Legend of the Lake Worth Monster

If you’re scratching your head and squinting your eyes at the picture above, you’re not alone: proof of the Lake Worth Monster’s existence is scant at best, but that hasn’t stopped locals from fearing this cryptic figure. First spotted in July 1969 on Greer Island, the Lake Worth Monster was described as "a half-man, half-goat, with fur and scales" who was at least seven feet tall and sporting long, clawed fingers. While few could capture discernable evidence of his existence, the daily newspapers and Tarrant County as a whole were whipped into a monster-hunting frenzy that summer. 

Thrill-seekers and amateur cryptozoologists leaped at the opportunity and scoured the island.

Jim Stephens, one such cryptid enthusiast, reported having the monster jump on the hood of his car. When the creature landed on the vehicle, he said that he swerved his car wildly about the road, and the monster did not let go until the car crashed into a nearby tree. 

Though the Lake Worth Monster hasn’t been seen much since that fateful summer, his legend lives on. Not only is he the subject of many North Texan campfires, but Lakewood Brewing Co. also paid tribute to the beast with a limited-release goatman beer.

“The [Lake Worth Monster] stories are enduring. The lore is enduring,” said Michelle Villafranca, a natural resource specialist at the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge, in a 2017 interview with The Dallas Morning News.

The campers at Camp Carter agree. Some counselors still tell stories of the Lake Worth Monster, urging their enthralled audience to listen for the creature’s mournful cries.

Perhaps the Lake Worth Monster has been crying for all these years because he desperately wants property of his own. 

Lake Homes for the Lake Worth Monster

While residents have only known about the Lake Worth Monster since the 1960s, it’s likely this creature has inhabited the area for much longer. This has given Worthy, our furry-yet-scaly friend, plenty of time to save up for his forever home.

The average price for a home in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is $326,597, which is an increase of 23% over the past year.

So, what kind of homes may interest a water-logged goatman?

Fort Worth, TX - $860,000

Home in Fort Worth, TX

The first home in our search exudes dreamy country living charm with quiet nights spent outdoors. While it’s not technically a waterfront property, this home sits in close proximity to Eagle Mountain Lake and offers easy access to Lake Worth. In other words, this enticing abode provides our murky monster a relaxing retreat to a paradise far and away from those pesky cryptozoologists. The property features a stocked private pond, chicken coop, and an in-ground pool. With 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and almost 9 acres of land, this listing is worth leaving the lake. 

Azle, TX - $1,200,000

Waterfront Home in Azle, TX

This waterfront property is all about the lake life, which is perfect for our lake monster menace. The gated grounds are covered in tall trees to provide pristine privacy, and our creeping cryptid can stretch his legs while patrolling this 5-acre lot. The 4 bed, 2 bathroom home has ample space for Worthy and comes complete with a covered patio, outdoor fireplace, and 275 feet of private shoreline. 

Boyd, TX - $1,725,000

Riverfront Home in Boyd, TX

The third home in our search is located in Boyd on the West Fork Trinity River, which feeds into Eagle Mountain Lake and Lake Worth. The close proximity to water allows Worthy to cover plenty of ground while also providing him a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle. The 69-acre lot features two single-family homes, two large ponds, one well, one barn, and a shed. Given that our lake lurker has accrued plenty of toys to recreate the large water systems he once called home, this spacious property and its storage opportunities are sure to delight. 

Now only one question remains... What do you get the Lake Worth Monster for his closing gift? Let us know in the comments down below!

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