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Two New Women-Owned Real Estate Brokerages Open in Indiana
March 15, 2021

Two New Women-Owned Real Estate Brokerages Open in Indiana

by The CE Shop Team

These Women-Owned Brokerages Are Shaking Things Up

Two women-owned real estate brokerages are open for business in Indiana: One focuses on residential real estate, and the other is taking on commercial real estate. Both are making history as two of the few brokerages that are owned by women in the Hoosier State. Based on information from the Indiana Department of Administration, there are only 14 female-owned real estate businesses in the state.

Get to know these two heavy-hitters stirring up the market.

Maywright Property Co.

Maywright Property Co. was launched by local agents Natalie Clayton, Chanda Johnson, and Jess Martin just this year in January. This Indy-based brokerage’s name is a nod to May Right Sewall, a well-known Indiana icon for her efforts in the women’s suffrage movement. The company’s founders make it their mission to instill Sewall’s values of compassion, empowerment, and equity in their business.

“For nearly four years, the three of us have met monthly along with other women brokers to support each other and share thought leadership aimed at better serving our clients and collaborating with other brokers,” Clayton said in an interview with Inside Indiana Business. “We know and trust each other, as well as share the same values as we work for our clients, for our business, and for the real estate industry.”

The three founders bring a combined 20 years of experience as well as more than 600 transactions and $157 million in sales to their business.

Maywright Property Co. will represent buyers and sellers alike while providing leasing, investing, relocation, and new construction representation for clients in the state.

92c Partners

92c Partners was recently launched just last year by two brokers who are veterans in Indiana. Kara Riggle Callesano and Yumi Goodman have recently launched one of the only certified women-owned commercial real estate firms in Indiana. The firm is named after Indiana’s 92 counties and will offer brokerage services in addition to strategic planning, project management, lease audits, and portfolio administration.

“We’re proud to be part of the changing landscape in commercial real estate as female business owners,” Goodman said in an interview with

Collesano and Goodman opened the doors to Indianapolis-based 92c Partners in June of 2020, and they are ready for business. The two veterans have a combined 34 years in the real estate industry. Both graduated from Indiana University and ended up working for the same commercial brokerage firm in the same role. Collesano and Goodman were previously principals for RESOURCE Commercial Real Estate, an Indianapolis-based firm that started in 2005. The pair is bringing in tangible industry experience and serving it up with good team chemistry.

“We know that women leaders bring needed balance to any industry—to drive new ideas and create opportunities for others to succeed. We’re proud to be one of the few women-led brokerage firms,” Collesano said.

Women in Real Estate

In the United States, ~64.0% of all residential real estate agents may be women, but it wasn’t always that way. Women have played an essential role in the industry as early as 1794, though it wasn’t until the early 1950s that women began to equalize the field.

Even in today’s larger, more inclusive industry, there’s a lot of work left to be done. Women only make up 36.7% of the commercial real estate industry — a figure that’s remained stagnant for the past 15+ years.

The CREW 2020 Benchmark Study Report also notes that women in commercial real estate earn approximately 10.2% less than their male counterparts, and the commission and bonus gap remains staggering at 55.9%. Still, progress is being made. CREW’s 2020 Benchmark Study on gender bias in the industry saw a “5.4% increase in female respondents 39 years old and younger, indicating a growing generation of young and emerging women professionals in commercial real estate.” In other words, there are a greater number of younger women entering the field than ever before and they, like the women behind Maywright Property Co. and 92c Partners, have their sights set high.


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