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Top Tips for a COVID-Conscious Moab Escape
May 29, 2020

Top Tips for a COVID-Conscious Moab Escape

by The CE Shop Team

Moab is a World Attraction, and it’s Right in Our Backyard

From world-class ski resorts to awe-inspiring desert scenery, the state of Utah is home to one of the prettiest and most unique landscapes on earth. Moab, and nearby Arches National Park, are among those destinations that make Utah a desirable place to purchase real estate. In fact, it’s so important to the state’s brand that it’s portrayed on our license plates, so why not take a COVID-conscious trip to Moab?

According to the National Park Service, Arches is set to reopen on May 29th with cautionary recommendations in place. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, visitors are asked to keep a distance of 6 ft or more from one another, wash their hands often, and wear a mask when in the vicinity of others. Visitors will be granted access to all park roads, hiking trails, and restrooms, however the visitor center, park stores, Devil’s Garden Campground, Willow Flat Campground, and Needles Campground will remain closed.

Public camping on nearby BLM land is also not allowed at this time. Not to worry though, because hotels, motels, and privately operated campgrounds are permitted to welcome guests. Moab is home to many well-appointed accommodations, including one of the country’s best ‘glamping’ destinations, Under Canvas Moab.

By law, hotels and motels are restricted to renting a portion of their total capacity and vacated rooms will be left empty for a 24-hour period before they are thoroughly cleaned. In terms of things to do, local tour agencies, equipment rentals, vehicle rentals, shops, and restaurants are open with statewide precautions in place like gloves, masks, regular temperature checks, and setting tables at least six feet apart.

And while experts are urging those who choose to hike, Jeep, mountain bike, kayak, and do other recreational activities to take it easy out there, there’s no shortage of breathtaking views. Our pro tip is to take a guided hike or Jeep tour that can take you safely to where you want to go.

After all, the area’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism and it’s these businesses that help make treasures like this safe and accessible.

“Moab and cities like Moab factor prominently in our sense of place,” Zacharia Levine, Grand County’s Director of Community and Economic Development, told “We all derive our quality of life from places like this.”

Let’s help support a place that makes Utah a great place to live, work, and of course, inspire people to purchase property in the Beehive State. Take a vacation in Moab.

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