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Top 5 Places To Spend Your Thanksgiving in New Hampshire
November 13, 2020

Top 5 Places To Spend Your Thanksgiving in New Hampshire

by The CE Shop Team

Explore New Hampshire’s Best Vacation Spots This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will look a little different for most families this year as COVID guidelines are still stressed throughout the state. Though traditionally we plan to see extended family, anticipating nostalgic conversations over heaping piles of food, Gov. Christopher Sununu is urging residents to remain vigilant during the pandemic and not get too complacent during the holiday season.

“We’re laying low, probably just Valerie and the kids,” Sununu said about Thanksgiving Day during a Zoom conference with members of the Seacoast Media Group editorial board. “Don’t get me wrong, it stinks.” Like the governor, your holiday plans for this year likely have changed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate.

Ideas for Your Thanksgiving This Year

Every New Hampshirite has a strong tie to Thanksgiving, as the state’s own Sarah Josepha Hale was the person who persuaded President Abraham Lincoln to take action and make Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1783. With her persevering spirit in mind, here are some safe places to spend your Thanksgiving this year.


Image provided by Strawbery Banke Museum

Get your history fix in Portsmouth this Thanksgiving, and take a firsthand look at how this annual tradition has changed over 300 years at Strawberry Banke Museum. This museum features guides dressed in traditional garb who walk visitors through daily life during various periods of history. The interactive experience is perfect for families with children. Then, once you've worked up an appetite, head back to the town center for a host of dining options. There are a number of restaurants that are open during the holiday, so don’t stress about cooking dinner at home. Why not give thanks during a nice dinner on the waterfront instead?

If you or a client is interested in living in Portsmouth or buying a vacation home in this beautiful town on the water, that dream could be within reach. With a median home value of $482,672 and a predicted 6.8% rise in home value over the next year, this real estate market is one to take seriously. While the median home value is above the national average, waterfront property historically is valued nearly 45% higher than homes not on the water.

Bretton Woods

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In Bretton Woods, Thanksgiving is taken very seriously. Don’t believe us? Every year, they host a three-day event to celebrate the holiday at the Omni Mount Washington Resort. The resort serves a traditional Thanksgiving meal; be sure to try the pumpkin brown sugar bisque. With activities like flag football, arts and crafts, shopping, and the annual Turkey Trot, it's the perfect event for your whole family.

If your client is looking for a permanent place to unwind, Bretton Woods is a great place to vacation during all seasons. Bretton Woods rests in the valleys between New Hampshire’s ski resorts in the White Mountain National Forest, and the median home value is $756,700. While this pricing is certainly on the steeper side, consider its close proximity to the slopes!


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Peterborough is a small town located near Mount Monadnock, giving outdoor lovers the perfect Thanksgiving vacation location. The mountain has trails perfect for all experience levels, including children. This small town has a big antique and craft scene with a host of small local shops to explore.

Peterborough hugs the Wapack National Wildlife Refuge and Miller State Park, offering you and your clients a spectacular spot to retreat to in the thick trees. The median home value is $285,365 with a forecasted 7.5% increase in home value over the next year, so Peterborough is definitely worth a look.


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This Thanksgiving, start your holiday shopping early at Nashua’s annual winter holiday stroll. Scheduled for the Saturday after Thanksgiving, this yearly event draws in New Hampshire residents from all over the southeast. Downtown Nashua also has plenty to offer including fine dining, boutique shopping, historic architecture, and family fun-filled activities.

Giving residents and vacationers alike access to Mine Falls Park, Nashua offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature. If you or your client yearn to embrace the great outdoors, the median home value in Nashua is $326,106 with a predicted rise in home value of 7.9% over the next year.


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If you enjoy burning off the copious amounts of turkey and stuffing or carbo-loading specifically for a run, then check out Hanover’s Turkey Trot 10K hosted on Dartmouth College’s green. Sign up and race, or cheer on the runners from the sidelines with some hot cocoa in hand. Every year at the event there is also a large food drive, so remember to bring some canned goods for a good cause!

Can’t get enough of this beautiful town? Running parallel with the Connecticut River, Hanover has both waterfront properties and homes tucked away in the trees. With one of the highest median home values on the list at $601,669, it's a pricier spot to vacation and live in. However, this price reflects the demand to live in Hanover, as it is consistently ranked one of the best places to live in New Hampshire.

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