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Top 5 Out-of-this-world Vacation Homes in New Mexico
May 24, 2021

Top 5 Out-of-this-world Vacation Homes in New Mexico

by The CE Shop Team

Explore Five Ultra-Unique New Mexico Homes Currently on the Market

From our flair for the extraterrestrial to our superior approach to green chile, New Mexico is always one to stand out. As it turns out, our vacation homes are no exception. Whether you’re looking to tackle the second-, third-, or fourth-home market or just go Zillow surfing, you’ll definitely want to see five of New Mexico’s most unique vacation home listings.

1. 17 Earthship Way, Taos, NM - $550,000

17 Earthship Way, Taos
Source: Zillow

Earthships, or homes made of upcycled and natural materials, are gaining traction across New Mexico and the nation. This particular off-grid Earthship sits in Taos at the border of a newly-appointed National Monument. The lot spans more than 1.75 acres, and the home itself boasts 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, copper countertops, an interior greenhouse, fish pond, vegetable garden, and garage with electric-car-charging capabilities. This property is a destination in and of itself!

2. 1401 5th St. NW, Albuquerque, NM - $685,000

1401 5th St. NW, Albuquerque, NM
Source: Zillow

When you think “farmhouse,” this funky, fresh property probably doesn’t spring to mind. This home is a gem of Albuquerque history, with no weathered wood or shiplap in sight. The authentic, early-1900s farmhouse offers 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a show-stopping circular window, exposed brick, contemporary finishes, wood flooring, and more. If you’re looking to enjoy all that New Mexico’s largest city has to offer and forgo living in a typical, builder-grade box, you’re sure to feel right at home.

3. 105 N Jose Serna St., Hatch, NM - $795,000

105 N Jose Serna St., Hatch, NM
Source: Zillow

For a truly unique vacation experience, this 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom former church is right on the money. Constructed in 1860, the one-of-a-kind home offers a bell tower, outdoor fireplace, grill, covered seating area, and authentic adobe throughout. If you’re feeling particularly hospitable, the structure has roots as an AirBnB and event venue in case of weddings, workshops, retreats, and more. Establish your second home in this 2-acre Southwestern stunner!

4. 28 Earthship Way, Tres Piedras, NM - $850,000

28 Earthship Way, Tres Piedras, NM
Source: Zillow

Another eco-friendly Earthship, this home sits in the heart of Tres Piedras, just outside Carson National Forest. While the property’s 3 beds, 3 baths, and 2,600 sq. ft. of living space are nice, the economical amenities are truly next level. The two-acre home is entirely self-sufficient and off the grid. You can also enjoy a 10-foot greenhouse that runs the length of the home, sustaining a system of mature plants and welcoming plenty of natural light.

5. 112-114 Padre Martinez Ln., Taos, NM - $1,895,000

112-114 Padre Martinez Ln., Taos, NM
Source: Zillow

This 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom luxury estate is ideal for more colorful homeowners. The main house is located just off of Taos’ main plaza, a short walk to the weekly organic farmers market and summer concerts. The historic main house was constructed in 1875 and features adobe bricks, hand-blown beveled windows, wood shutters, intricately carved wooden doors, and four kiva fireplaces. If you’re looking for something a little more out-of-the-box, you’ll have unfettered access to two standalone casitas, the real gems of the property. Both feature colorful, custom paint jobs by local Taos artist Jim Wagner. If that’s not enough, each structure boasts its own private seating area, garden, and hot tub. Talk about the Land of Enchantment!

Working in New Mexico’s Real Estate Market

Whether you want to explore the vacation market or help your fellow New Mexicans find their full-time homes, there’s never been a better time to become a real estate agent in the Land of Enchantment. If you’re interested in this lucrative industry, you’ll want to obtain a New Mexico Associate Broker License and find your niche. After all, who wouldn’t want to tour some of the most interesting and out-of-the-box homes in New Mexico all day long?