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Top 5 Hikes To Try: Great Smoky Mountains National Park
August 10, 2020

Top 5 Hikes To Try: Great Smoky Mountains National Park

by The CE Shop Team

Check Out These Smoky Mountain Trails This Summer

With so many wonderful national and state parks located throughout the US, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited national park in the country! It’s home to diverse plant and animal life, which adds to the natural beauty found throughout the park. Streams, creeks, and waterfalls can be found on many of the trails featured in the national park.

The Smokies are also home to some beautiful mountain cabins tucked away in the trees. For real estate agents in this area, hosting tourists and out of state travelers is a large portion of your audience. Knowing which trails are best to hike, or activities to try within the national park, should be information you have at the ready when asked what to do.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Hugging the rugged border of Tennessee and North Carolina are the Great Smoky Mountains, one of the oldest American mountain ranges. As a result of its exceptional natural beauty, old-growth forests, and diversity of wildlife and plant life, the Smokies were designated as one of the first United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) World Heritage Sites in 1983. With more than 800 miles of trails meandering throughout the park, the Smokies are also widely recognized as one of the top hiking destinations in the east.

Popular Hikes on The Smoky Mountain Trail

Unsure of what trails are worth the hike? Try this list of top 5 trails to hike in the Smokies! This list will fit the needs for both veteran hikers to beginners just stepping foot on the trails.

1. Gregory Bald

As stunning as the year-round views are, Gregory Bald is most famous for the spectacular flame azaleas that bloom on its summit from mid to late June. Azalea lovers from all over the world come here to visit perhaps the finest display of azaleas anywhere on the planet. The commanding views of Cades Cove, Fontana Lake, and the eastern crest of the Smoky Mountains makes this a year-round destination, and number one on our list of the best hikes in the Smokies.

2. Mt. Cammerer

Mt. Cammerer is located on the edge of a rocky outcropping overlooking the Pigeon River Gorge. On a clear day the views are simply awesome - some even say the best in the park. For an even better vantage point, step up to the deck of the stone fire tower. This "western" style lookout, which was fully restored in 1995, provides hikers with 360-degree panoramic views.

3. Rocky Top

The first 5 miles of this hike will be challenging, but your hard work will pay off once you reach Spence Field. If visibility is good the grassy meadows will give you an outstanding view of the North Carolina side of the Smokies. Spence Field is an excellent destination, but the views get even better if you continue along the Appalachian Trail for another 1.2 miles. The panoramic views from Rocky Top are some of the best in the Smokies. From the summit you can see Fontana Lake, Cades Cove, Townsend, and Maryville.

4. Mount LeConte

Looking for a real Appalachian classic hike? The Alum Cave Trail to Mount LeConte would certainly qualify as that. Of course there are trails that are longer, gain more elevation, or have steeper climbs. What makes the Alum Cave Trail so great is the unmatched combination of interesting geological features, history, high adventure, and stunning views. Upon reaching the summit, go to Cliff Top near the LeConte Lodge for amazing views of Clingmans Dome and the rolling mountains that lie towards the west. On the other side of LeConte is Myrtle Point which offers outstanding vistas of the eastern Smokies.

5. Andrews Bald

Looking for an easy breezy hike? Andrews Bald is only a 1.7-mile hike to see some magnificent views. This is still a fairly rugged hike, so wear proper footwear and clothing. There are several acres of open grassy meadow, commonly referred to as balds in the Appalachians, that feature spectacular views of the southern Smokies. Andrews Bald is the perfect place to open up a blanket, relax, and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Support Your Clients with Local Recommendations

No matter your clientele, most people are interested in getting outside and seeing the great outdoors, especially when it’s in one of the country's best national parks. Knowing more about Great Smoky Mountains National Park is more ammunition in your arsenal of real estate knowledge and state knowledge. Being able to connect or suggest trails or attractions to visit can be useful when working with transplant clients, or clients moving near the national park. It never hurts to have more information at your disposal.

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