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The CE Shop Foundation will be riding June 2nd. Help support our cause while discovering all the amazing bicycle cities in the world
April 19, 2019

Top 5 Bicycling Cities In The World

by The CE Shop Team

Looking to travel and explore cities on bike? Look no further than these five amazing towns that cater to the cyclist at heart.

In light of our upcoming Elephant Rock ride to help raise funds to eliminate childhood hunger, we thought it would be a great idea to highlight all the amazing cities around the world that are built with the cyclist in mind. Take a look.

1) Amsterdam, Netherlands

It is almost impossible to not explore this city on bike. With the numerous elongated canal systems with parallel bike paths, this town was made to be pedaled on. If you ever get a chance to visit, you’ll notice the locals live by the spoke: riding to and from work, parents dropping their kids off at school, quick trips to the groceries, you name it. Just make sure you’re vigilant while riding around; the locals like to move fast and don’t feel obligated to stop for meandering pedestrians.

2) Copenhagen, Denmark

Ding, ding! Do you hear that? If so, it’s probably just one of the 300,000 riders cycling Copenhagen on any given day. This bicycle paradise provides commuters over 240 miles of bike lanes and other paths for commuting, including a “Cycle Super Highway” featuring air pumps and speed-deterring traffic lights for the fast and furious.  

3) Boulder, Colorado

In the state where outdoor activities are king, this city takes it to the next level with over 300 miles of bike lanes. Boulder sits right at the base of the Rocky Mountains, and provides a mostly flat, tabletop-like geography perfect for casual and off-road pedaling.

4) Portland, Oregon

Welcome to the city where the youth retire. Known to some as Portlandia, Portland has made it their goal to become the nation’s most navigable city by bike. Featuring free printed maps of the city and suburbs, and other amenities like public bike lockers and riding classes, this town makes it their goal to go green and give their local cyclists all the resources they need to explore this beautiful City of Roses.

5) Tokyo, Japan

While their cycling policies have become more strict, this city is still a thriving biker’s paradise. Over 15% of Tokyo citizens cycle on a daily basis. With Tokyo being one of the most densely-populated cities in the world, owning a bike can actually save on time, and helps combat other health issues stemming from their rigorous “996” work schedules.

Want to ride for a cause? Check out what The CE Shop Foundation is doing down at the Elephant Rock Cycling Festival on June 2nd, and help us in the fight to eliminate childhood hunger.