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Todd Gurley's Most Recent Purchase? A New So-Cal Mansion
August 31, 2020

Todd Gurley's Most Recent Purchase? A New So-Cal Mansion

by The CE Shop Team

Todd Gurley Purchases California Oasis

Shortly after being released by the Los Angeles Rams, two-time all-pro running back Todd Gurley signed a $6 million one-year contract with the Falcons. That, however, didn’t stop him from purchasing a new high-end California dig. Could that mean his time with the Falcons is expected to be short-lived? That’s for the talking heads to debate, all we know is that he definitely values his real estate.

His old home, a five-bedroom, 5000+ square-foot Spanish-style home just outside of Los Angeles in the coveted Indian Springs Estate development, is now on the market with an asking price of $2,295,000. The house features a grandiose staircase, chandelier, and an open airy concept but our favorite parts are the backyard basketball set up, pool, and outdoor kitchen. Not to mention its chef-worthy indoor kitchen and mountain views.

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The new house on the other hand, which sits on a two-acre plot just a few houses down, is quite the upgrade as it features 10,560 square feet of custom-built luxury, six bedrooms, and eight bathrooms. In total, the property cost him $4.15 million - which works out to be roughly $393 per square foot.

Not too shabby to say the least, but should he decide to sell it and permanently move to Georgia he could upgrade to this $4.1 million-dollar Sandy Springs behemoth. For slightly less than what he paid in California, the star running back could have 18,500 square feet, six bedrooms, 11 baths, and a European-inspired interior that would make the prince of Monaco consider moving in. This property, like his California house, also sits on two acres of beautifully manicured foliage and costs approximately $222 per square foot.

Georgia as a whole is far more affordable across the board, with a median home value in Atlanta sitting at $299,308 versus LA’s eye-watering $752,508. But something tells me that’s less of a concern for Gurley and other buyers in that price range for that matter.

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