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This Woman Empowers Agents to Become a Force for Social Good
March 8, 2021

This Woman Empowers Agents to Become a Force for Social Good

by The CE Shop Team
Source: Giveback Homes

Caroline Pinal Makes It Easy for Agents to Better Their Communities & the World

Your business really can make a social impact! Many professionals want to give back and know that they should, but they’re not sure where to start or what to do. Caroline Pinal, co-founder of Giveback Homes, helps provide agents and brokerages with a simple solution to make giving back a part of your business.

Caroline Pinal

Caroline Pinal, a Southern California native, began her corporate career in 2009 after the financial crisis. Just happy to have a job, Pinal didn’t think much of doing something she loved. She was complimented on a pair of TOMS shoes she had worn to work one day and began detailing TOMS’s signature giveback model - for every pair sold, one is given to a child in need. Pinal quickly realized that she felt more passionate about the story than her current position and promptly applied to join the TOMS team.

While working at TOMS, Pinal traveled often to distribute shoes to those in need. She became fast friends with colleague Blake Andrews, and the two made a commitment to further support the communities they were serving in the future.

As Andrews was buying a home shortly thereafter, his agent mentioned his many charitable donations but noted never seeing exactly where his money went or its impact. He voiced a question many agents may find themselves asking: How do I brand myself as an agent that is dedicated to social good? Inspired, Andrews and Pinal joined forces to start Giveback Homes, incorporating the startup mentality, passion for community, and giveback model they had honed at TOMS.

Giveback Homes

Today, Giveback Homes is the first and fastest-growing organization of real estate professionals who’ve made doing good a part of their businesses and personal brands. The organization works with established charity partners to organize home building projects for real estate agents to support, both across the U.S and internationally. Giveback Homes members help build homes through their generous contributions and by volunteering their time at local Build Days and on international Build Trips.

Individual agents and entire brokerages alike can become Giveback Homes members. Pinal’s organization manages onboarding agents, providing an array of donation options, and even creating marketing materials to help advertise your good deeds. Pinal describes the model as a turnkey solution agents can utilize to incorporate giving back into their business.


“We started Giveback Homes simply to provide the real estate industry with an easy way to make an impact in their communities and throughout the world,” said Pinal. “In 2013, we took a group of agents to Nicaragua to build homes for families in need, and since then, it has evolved into a community of agents, brokerages, and companies across the U.S. who are donating and volunteering locally and globally.”


Get Involved

If you’d like to become an agent for social good with Giveback Homes, take the first step and become a member. Donating to home projects is simple and straightforward, and 100% of your contributions go directly to a family in need. Plans start at just $16 per month.

From there, you can customize your Giveback Homes profile page and share it with your network and clients to promote giving as a positive aspect of your brand. You’ll also have access to an array of marketing tools to differentiate yourself as a real estate professional who does more than just sell homes. You can even connect with other members to learn how they’re making the most of their involvement with Giveback Homes.