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March 14, 2019

Open House Season: The March Madness of Real Estate

by The CE Shop Team

Get Ahead This Open House Season With Our Starting 5 Tips

It’s that time of the year again when everyone drops everything important and makes their wild, absurd predictions. They’ll study the board, pedantically choosing (and rechoosing) their prized winner. Some people will favor the same choice, but in the end, only one will realize the dream. No, we’re not talking about March Madness. We’re talking about the beginning of Open House Season.

Whether you’re an up-and-coming agent or a seasoned veteran, Open House Season can be one of the most exciting and stressful times for agents. To help you get ahead, we’ve provided our quick Starting 5 tips for scoring big this March.


Your Starting 5

1) First Impressions are Made in the Blink of an Eye

According to one study, it takes less than a second for our brains to make a first impression. Your haircut, your suit style, even your tie color can immediately determine what a potential client thinks of you. These potential buyers aren’t just buying a house, they are buying you.

2) Put Up a Sign and Make it Big 

When it comes to putting up a sign, larger is better. The sign shouldn’t be a billboard–that’ll just blind potential buyers from seeing the house from the road–but make it big enough that everyone knows your beautiful listing is up for sale and how to contact you for a tour or to make a bid.

3) Fancy Hors d’oeuvres are Great, But a Clean House is so Much Better.

There’s nothing potential homeowners love more than a fantastic Sunday afternoon spread while perusing houses in the neighborhood. Know what they don’t like to see? Greasy hands smeared all over the walls of the master bedroom. When you think about what you want to serve your clients, make sure it’s a mess-free situation. These treats are delicious on-the-go walking appetizers that’ll please your guests while keeping your open house spotless. Oh, and don’t forget to have enough sturdy plates and napkins to keep your listing “crumb-free”.


4) An Informed Buyer is a Happy Buyer

Information is King. You must have some sort of pamphlet or brochure on hand detailing the house specs. Unsurprisingly, most bids are usually not made on the spot. They’re made back at the buyer’s house reading through the brochure for the millionth time. Having an information sheet they can take home with them will only increase your chances. You don’t want a potential buyer leaving the property and second guessing square footage.

5) Light, Furniture, Action!

An empty house with closed blinds isn’t going to cut it. You need to create an experience where potential buyers walk away saying “Wow, I would die to have this house designed like this.” It not only shows off the house in its best form, but also your innate knowledge of home design. And don’t be afraid to hire a freelance home designer or software if your working knowledge isn’t up to par. They most likely have a better eye for this sort of thing.

Tell us in the comment section your tips for Open House Season for the chance to win 25% off your next course with The CE Shop.