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Our in-house real estate expert gives her opinion on why closing gifts are an important part of the transaction.
October 2, 2019

The Importance of Closing Gifts for Real Estate Agents

by Meghan McCloskey

Our In-House Real Estate Expert Gives Her Thoughts on Closing Gifts

As a real estate agent, the most gratifying part of my job is attending a closing with my buyer or seller and witnessing their joy when the papers are signed and the deal is done. The closing is a sigh of relief; a celebration and a culmination of our hard work navigating the transaction together. There have been countless deadlines, contracts, phone calls, and emails up to this point––not to mention the inevitable stress when buying or selling a home. After everything is said and done, there’s no better way to say “Congratulations, we made it!” than with a thoughtful closing gift.

My Process for Giving Closing Gifts

I have always enjoyed giving gifts. The process of dissecting my clients’ interests and needs to uncover the perfect item shows them I truly care. I find it extremely rewarding to give my clients a well thought-out gift at the end of our time together, not only to say congratulations, but also to say thank you for being a great client. It’s my chance to add a personal touch to an otherwise extremely business-focused process. 

So, how exactly do I go about choosing my gifts? Well, one of my goals when I spend time with my clients is to pick up tidbits of information and use that as my first indicator. A gift card to Amazon is useful, but is that something they will remember me by? Most likely not.

Of course, there are business-savvy reasons to give a closing gift as well. I am always looking ahead and thinking of ways I can make life-long clients and receive referrals. A unique closing gift acts as the icing on the cake to a great experience with me. It is oftentimes the last action I take as their agent during the transaction, so I want to make it a memorable one.

I hear a lot of talk in the industry about the price of a closing gift, but this is not my main focus when deciding what to give. I’ve received the same reaction to a gift card for ice cream as I did for a gift card to a nice dinner out. They were both thoughtful: ice cream is fun for the entire family and a nice dinner out is enjoyable for a couple, but the price points certainly differed. I don’t go overboard; I know what is comfortable for my budget, but I never limit myself to a specific total.

There are a lot of options for closing gifts (here are a few of our ideas), but it really comes down to what you think your client will enjoy and use. A closing gift can be practical, like a new set of knives, or fun like a yearly pass to a local museum. But no matter the route you take, it should always be meaningful. 

All in all, this is a way for us to shine as real estate agents and show our clients what they mean to us - not just for the sale, but for the relationship we’ve built over time. The closing gift is a lasting impression and a meaningful way to celebrate reaching the finish line.

Meghan McCloskey is a real estate professional based in Denver, CO. Since starting her career, she has had the privilege of helping individuals and families buy and sell their homes. She is currently a Marketing Specialist at The CE Shop, focusing on regional market strategy and partnerships. Meghan's passion lies in helping other agents succeed in the exciting industry of real estate.

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