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June 7, 2018

The Financial Difference Between Online and In-Person Learning

by The CE Shop Team

What Is the Cost of Online Education Vs. Traditional Education?

Choosing the right education provider is a large part of the process when becoming a real estate agent. Not only do you have to consider the course content, but also the pass rates and satisfaction rates of previous students, as well as the method of learning. The debate over online versus in-person education has been persisting since the beginning of online education. The success with either type of learning depends on the student and their preferred learning style. However, one method might be more advantageous for you, cost-wise. Read below for an analysis of the costs of traditional versus online education.

Costs for a Brick-and-Mortar Education

An education at an in-person institution could encompass course fees, transportation, textbooks, and supplies. Depending on the location and date, course fees may vary due to staffing and demand at that time. Textbooks and supplies will be a necessity in the classroom and can range anywhere from $15 to $400, according to your class requirements. Your transportation costs will be a variable that is dependant on the distance you’re traveling to get to class and current gas prices. This tool can help you calculate your possible gas costs. Together, these are the main costs that comprise an education at a brick-and-mortar institution.

Costs for an Online Education

Online education has a reputation for being an inexpensive alternative to learning in the classroom. One main difference between online and in-person is the digital aspect. Learning online means you won’t be spending money on textbooks or learning materials. The learning material will be included in the content, making additional purchases unnecessary. The true cost of an online education lies solely in the course fees but even comparing just course costs, online is often the cheapest option for students. For instance, the cost of The CE Shop’s 168-Hr. Colorado Broker Pre-Licensing Package is $344.25. While Brightwood College’s in-person 168-credit hour Colorado Broker Licensing Success Classroom Package starts at $999.00.

Time Is Money

We’ve all heard the saying “time is money” but it holds a lot of bearing as a real estate agent. Your time is valuable and you shouldn’t have to waste it commuting back and forth from class. Many join the real estate industry for its flexibility because they want to work part-time, spend more time with the kids, or any variety of reasons. Real estate education should be no different. Your education should be at your own pace, on your own schedule. Online education offers you a flexible schedule that will save you money. If you’re a motivated student, you might even finish your course hours faster online than in a classroom, depending on if your courses have a required seat time, per state regulations.

Learn how truly valuable each hour of your day is with this program that will calculate what your time is worth to you.

Better Learning

Classrooms can be inconvenient and only offer one-size-fits-all learning that may not fit your individual needs. However, if not done well, an online course can feel like reading a bland textbook. Even with this uncertainty, research says that an online education is more successful than one in a classroom. Online learners score higher on standardized tests - the average score of a classroom learner is in the 50th percentile, while online learners land in the 59th. As the Northcentral University Director states, "In seeking an online degree, each student relies upon their own motivation to complete each course and to eventually graduate. This motivation is a strong proponent of success."

It is essentially up to you to choose the education that best fits your way of learning. Even if online courses are more affordable and have a higher success rate, it doesn’t mean that you should automatically be learning online. A successful online student is someone who is self-paced and capable of coordinating their schedule to leave time for an education. If you think online learning is right for you, discover what makes The CE Shop’s education unique. With an average national pass rate of 92%, The CE Shop can help you excel.