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The CE Shop Now Offers an Expansive Catalog of eTextbooks
August 23, 2022

The CE Shop Now Offers an Expansive Catalog of eTextbooks

by The CE Shop Team

Discover How The CE Shop’s eTextbooks Can Help You Set Yourself Up for Success 

Are you hoping to dive deeper into your real estate education? The CE Shop now offers an expansive catalog of eTextbooks through our online bookstore — just in time for back-to-school season.  

If you’re completing your education online through The CE Shop, these eTextbooks will serve as a valuable supplement to your course material, preparing you for a successful real estate career. 

The CE Shop bookstore offers a wide variety of digital real estate textbooks covering Pre-Licensing, professional development, mortgage, home inspection, and much more. Pre-Licensing Premium packages in dozens of states now include eTextbooks, but students can also purchase standalone eTextbooks. 

The Benefits of eTextbooks 

Back-to-school season isn’t just for kids! Whether you’re a Pre-Licensing student who’s launching a career in real estate or a seasoned agent completing their Continuing Education requirements, we recommend setting yourself up for success this autumn by prioritizing your studies. 

The CE Shop's eTextbooks were written by and for real estate agents, and they offer a variety of benefits to students and agents who are hoping to get even more out of their education. 

Aligned to state guidelines for real estate license types, the eTextbooks help students comprehend and master the material. They provide handy tools such as snack-sized resources, detailed glossaries, real-world examples, end-of-chapter summaries, quiz questions, and prep exams that increase success rates. 

In addition, the eTextbooks will provide you with an alternative perspective on the material that you’re learning in your courses, helping you walk the line between online and tangible learning options. They can also help improve pass rates and are a great "refresher" for Pre-Licensing students who may experience a gap between course completion and taking the state licensing exam. 

One of the most popular eTextbooks is “Real Estate: An Introduction to the Profession,” a 608-page, in-depth guide on the foundations of real estate. It covers key topics related to real estate brokerage, financing, contracts, closing, investment, fair housing, and licensing. 

To learn more and browse the catalog of eTextbooks, visit

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Ready to Get Started With The CE Shop? 

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