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The CE Shop Foundation Raises $39,804 with the Fit for Food Challenge
August 7, 2020

The CE Shop Foundation Raises $39,804 with the Fit for Food Challenge

by The CE Shop Team

It Only Takes $4 to Feed a Family of Four for an Entire Weekend

Over the past month, we’ve been sweating our you-know-what’s off for The CE Shop Foundation’s Fit for Food Challenge. This month-long fitness virtual event was a great success, and we thank everyone who participated and helped raise awareness around eliminating childhood hunger. We are ecstatic to announce that we raised over $39,804 during the month of July. That's the equivalent of feeding 9,651 families or 134 busses filled with children, which is spectacular. Because of this success, we decided to extend the challenge until the end of August.

Give your support for The CE Shop Foundation and this noble cause by donating today!

As a showing of our gratitude, we would personally like to give a few shout outs to those who participated in raising awareness around this challenge and childhood hunger:

  • Hilary Burr, who completed 50 workouts and burned enough energy to send a small spaceship of ant colonists into space.
  • Ian Winship, who skated at different Colorado skateparks while pulling off some sick death-defying tricks.
  • Anisha Holmes, who hiked multiple beautiful trails while taking in everything the Centennial State has to offer.
  • J. Brittany Devarso, who showed us all she ain’t no one-trick pony by running 1.5 miles and biking 1.5 miles.
  • Alysha Sherburne, who found her inner Zen by committing to daily yoga sessions.
  • Kelsey Gainer (and her canine companion Tracer), who traversed the dangerous but gorgeous mountainsides of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Jon Forisha, who explored Red Rocks and may or may not have performed his very own air-guitar concert afterward.
  • Zachary Levine, who ran enough miles to get himself a free ride to Fort Collins but not enough to get home. Fortunately, Uber exists, so he’s doing okay.

Thank you all for participating and raising awareness around this nationwide issue.

While we’re excited about our success, childhood hunger is not something that will simply go away. For every child fed, another goes hungry. The recent COVID-19 pandemic exacerbates this issue, which is why, as we mentioned earlier, we are extending the challenge until the end of August. If you haven’t yet donated, please visit our website. We also have cool t-shirts, coffee cups, baby bibs, and other items on sale to support the cause.

Remember, it only takes $4 to feed a family of four for an entire weekend, so even the smallest donation can go a long way. Let’s stop childhood hunger together and create a future we can all be proud of!