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The CE Shop Collection: Greatest Hits of 2021
December 17, 2021

The CE Shop Collection: Greatest Hits of 2021

by The CE Shop Team

Relive Our Greatest Real Estate Content Hits of 2021

After a turbulent 2020, many of us had high hopes for 2021. But, from Zillow’s iBuying fiasco to natural disasters, the past year may have been just as wacky. It’s not all bad news, though! According to the annual Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers from the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), nearly 90% of buyers and sellers opted to use an agent last year, and the average home sold in only one week, a record low.

Plus, just to toot our own horn real quick, we here at The CE Shop have cranked out hundreds of pieces of relevant and actionable real estate content. As the year comes to a close, we’ve assembled some of our greatest hits so you can start 2022 off on the right foot.

Agent Essentials Top 10 Content Pieces of 2021

As your real estate education provider, we pride ourselves on making world-class content through our Agent Essentials page. Within this content hub, we cover a wide array of topics ranging from buying a home with Bitcoin to haunted home listings to in-depth podcast interviews with industry experts to ebooks on enhancing curb appeal. When it comes to the real estate industry and growing your career, we have everything you need to know (and then some!). This list features the blogs, ebooks, and podcasts our readers most enjoyed in 2021, so get ready to bookmark!

1. U.S. Cities Offer Incentives to Lure in Remote Workers

Before COVID-19 hit the United States, few Americans had the option to work remotely. But when the pandemic forced companies across the country to adapt, it changed workplace norms — maybe forever. Some metro regions saw the uptick in remote workers and wondered: Could this be an opportunity to attract young talent?

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2. 3 Real Estate Agents’ Haunted House Stories

The CE Shop Collection: Greatest Hits of 2021

From a gravestone in the backyard to a mysterious white figure, there are few things real estate agents love more than a good haunted house story. Due to the success of our previous 4 Bloodcurdling Haunted House Stories Told by Real Estate Agents, 2020 Edition, we asked agents like yourself to tell us more of your creepiest, crawliest haunted home listing stories.

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3. Episode 60: Bill Kurzeja

Sales coach Bill Kurzeja uses what he learned from the military and various sales positions to instill confidence in agents who want to create their own luck. Kurzeja shares invaluable tips, insight, and advice to help you grow your business to greater heights in this must-listen episode of Shop Talk.

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4. How to Successfully Answer Brokerage Interview Questions

The CE Shop Collection: Greatest Hits of 2021

Joining the right brokerage can provide one-on-one guidance, simplified lead generation, and even increased earning potential. The interview process, however, can feel intimidating. In this ebook, we’ve outlined how to successfully answer some of the most common interview questions posed by brokerages so that you can nail your interview in the new year.

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5. Cryptocurrency Craze: Buying a House With Bitcoin

Buying with Bitcoin has never been easier — or trendier. But can your clients use the digital currency to buy a house? Some sellers are warming up to the idea. Similarly, buyers might come across a listing that begins with a message to cryptocurrency fans: “Accepting Bitcoin!” But what is Bitcoin, and what do real estate agents need to know about this digital currency?

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6. Judge This Home by Its Cover: A Property’s Exterior Is Key to Closing Quickly

The CE Shop Collection: Greatest Hits of 2021

Whether your client is flipping properties or just looking to get the best price for their home once it’s time to sell, understanding where they should invest time and money is the key to securing the best deal. In today’s competitive market, it’s crucial to help your client’s home stand out for all the right reasons.

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7. Understand and Master the 7 Principles of Interior Design

Whether you’re redecorating the office or staging a client’s home, effective interior design can overhaul the space, influence visitors, and paint your business in the very best light. While it’s true that a degree of creativity helps, interior design is actually a highly scientific field. The very best designers stick to seven key principles to create wow-worthy spaces regardless of their budget, location, and scope. That means, no matter how intimidated you might be, any real estate agent can simply study up and design to shine. So, whether you’re looking to spruce up the office or stage to sell, here’s what to do with yourshelf.

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8. 5 Concepts First-Time Homebuyers Should Understand

The CE Shop Collection: Greatest Hits of 2021

Buying a home for the first time can be daunting. As you lead your first-time buyers through the process, they’re likely to have questions — and we’re here to help. This ebook outlines five concepts that first-time homebuyers should understand, from private mortgage insurance to down payments. Send this ebook to your client, and let us help you help them through this exciting (and overwhelming) time.

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9. Which Real Estate Reality TV Show Should You Binge Today?

Online streaming services have gotten into the reality TV game, with increasingly engaging (and sometimes absurd) offerings about topics ranging from dating to home improvement. With so many options, it can be tough to decide which real estate-related show to binge first. Our list, which includes shows from both streaming services as well as traditional cable and broadcast channels, can help.

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10. Ace It: Study Schedule Tips for Online Real Estate Students

The CE Shop Collection: Greatest Hits of 2021

Whether you’re a Pre-Licensing student who’s launching a career in real estate or a seasoned agent completing their Continuing Education requirements, it’s important for you to create a study schedule that sets you up for success. After all, real estate students who start early and stick to a schedule statistically perform better and are more likely to finish their course. We sat down with Mike Matoush, The CE Shop’s Director of Education and Curriculum, to compile some of the top study tips for real estate agents.

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2021 in Review: A Great Year for Real Estate Content

To everyone who has read our blogs, listened to our podcasts, and commented and engaged us about our posts, thank you. Without you, the reader, we couldn’t make the stellar content that we dish out every day.

The CE Shop team wishes you and your loved ones a very happy and safe New Year filled with joy, success, and, dare we say it, a COVID-free world.

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