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The CE Shop Collection: Greatest Hits of 2020
December 1, 2020

The CE Shop Collection: Greatest Hits of 2020

by The CE Shop Team

Relive Our Greatest Real Estate Content Hits of 2020

While we’re not big on hyperbole at The CE Shop, saying the world as we know it has changed forever would probably be the most accurate statement we could make when assessing 2020. Let’s be real, COVID-19 threw a massive wrench into everyone’s plans. Schools have shut down. Restaurants are closing (again). More people than ever before are working remotely. Yes, the world has absolutely changed forever, including the real estate industry.

As an essential worker, your job as an agent has seen its fair share of changes. Whoever thought you’d host home tours over FaceTime calls? Or that home-inspection protocols would require a mask, gloves, and staying six feet away from another? Heck, even the ancient ritual of a handshake has become taboo. The career of a real estate agent isn’t what it used to be, which is why we have spent countless hours, days, and weeks creating the content you need to get through this pandemic.

Agent Essentials Top 10 Content Pieces of 2020

As your real estate education provider, we pride ourselves on making world-class content through our Agent Essentials page. Within this content hub, we cover a wide array of topics ranging from effective social distancing procedures to haunted home listings to in-depth podcast interviews with industry experts to ebooks on creating your best website. When it comes to the real estate industry and growing your career, we have everything you need to know (and then some!). This list features the blogs, ebooks, and podcasts you viewed the most in 2020; our very own Sportscenter Top Plays of the Year. So sit back, pop open a tasty beverage, and feast upon our best content of the year.

1. Big City Exodus: Where Is Everyone Moving To?

Back in March, major cities like New York City and San Francisco saw an outflux of residents leaving the pandemic-riddled mega metropolises for cozier and quieter places offered by smaller cities and the suburbs. Some temporarily moved in with families while others left and claimed they will never turn back. Regardless of where they ended up, there was a consistent reason why: living in a highly populated, dense city is not conducive to a world that revolves around social-distancing protocols and shelter-in-place mandates.

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2. 4 Bloodcurdling Haunted House Stories Told by Real Estate Agents, 2020 Edition

One of our favorite things about real estate agents is how great they are at storytelling. And when you combine our favorite holiday of Halloween with that skill, you receive the most terrifying tales that’ll scare the living you-know-what out of you. Due to the success of our previous 3 Bloodcurdling Haunted House Stories Told by Real Estate Agents, 2019 Edition, we asked agents like yourself to tell us more of your creepiest, crawliest haunted home listing stories.

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3. Episode 39: Jim Renley

Jim got his real estate license at 19 years old. Today he's a speaker, coach, and is ranked in the top 1% of REALTORS® nationwide. In this episode, he walks through how he got into the industry, how anyone can grow their business quickly, and the things that every new real estate agent should be doing.

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4. How to Create a Killer Real Estate Agent Website That Boosts Lead Generation

Creating an effective website that generates more leads can be easy to do if you know what steps to take. Having the necessary elements within your site can be the difference between finding new clients and struggling to grow your career. In this ebook, we walk through how to create a killer real estate agent website that generates leads and sells the main attraction: your services.

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5. How Will the Coronavirus Affect the Real Estate Market?

Back in March, we made our predictions on how the coronavirus pandemic would affect the real estate industry. And while we were (mostly) accurate, we feel this now outdated blog post acts as a great reflection of the chaos and uncertainty we all experienced during the beginning of the pandemic. So hop into your time-traveling Deloreans and take a look back at what the world was like at the very beginning of lockdown.

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6. How to Use Virtual Reality for Real Estate Marketing

We’ve all heard of virtual reality and new technology entering the real estate industry. However, these new tools aren’t just for luxury homes or markets; you can utilize these tech tools to enhance your real estate marketing.

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7. A Real Estate Agent's Guide to Creating Marketable Content

Content is king. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Creating killer content engages your audience and makes them aware of who you are and what you do (i.e. Your Story). It’s a crucial part of social media, email marketing, and other digital marketing methods, and has somewhat replaced other mediums of entertainment, like newspapers and television. There’s a reason why Instagram influencers make millions of dollars from their content; people want it, and, for the most part, it’s free.

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8. Content Inspiration for Real Estate Agents Looking to Create

Creating content is one of the most important parts of a successful real estate agent’s career. Some agents love it and some, well, aren’t so keen on the subject. Whether you’re in one camp or the other, every agent needs to have some sort of branding and the best way to create this marketing is to produce work that engages your audience. Our experts know this, which is why they compiled some of the most effective content to provide inspiration for your own creations.

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9. 5 Tips When Prospecting for FSBO Listings

Finding new leads or prospects can sometimes be the hardest part of working as a real estate agent. One of the ways to combat this problem is to develop your own real estate agent “niche.” A niche or target market provides you direction in finding the leads who work best for your brand and what you know best. When targeting For Sale By Owner listings (FSBOs), you’re aiming for a specific clientele that is easy to find but not the easiest to get.

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10. Criminal Minds: Real Estate Agents Turned Bad, Vol. 1

In the criminal justice system, real estate crimes are considered relatively egregious. At The CE Shop, our experts investigating these notorious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Real Estate Fraud Experts. These are the stories they uncovered.

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To everyone who has read our blogs, listened to our podcasts, and commented and engaged us about our posts, thank you. Without you, the reader, we couldn’t make the stellar content that we dish out every day.

The CE Shop team wishes you and your loved ones a very happy and safe New Year filled with joy, success, and, dare we say it, a COVID-free world.

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