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Why Giving Back is Great for Your Community and Your Real Estate Business
May 22, 2019

The Business of Giving Back

by The CE Shop Team

We Discuss How Giving Back Can Help Your Community and Business Prosper.

Last November, Patagonia announced they would be donating their entire $10 million corporate tax cut towards “environmental groups committed to protecting air, land and water and finding solutions to the climate crisis.”

While this one of several philanthropic acts by Patagonia since 2004, their timing was impeccable. Several days before, a report came out discussing global warming’s impact on our planet. Patagonia’s donation on the heels of this announcement led to immediate coverage, both on social and in the news, helping propel the brand into the spotlight. We understand your real estate firm is probably not as big as Patagonia, and that’s okay. There are many lessons that can be learned by being in the business of giving back. If you’re looking to use your business to give back to the community, here are some tactics to help you help others and your business.

Sponsor a Local Youth Sports League

One of the easiest ways to get eyes on your business is to sponsor a local youth sports league. This type of sponsorship allows you to penetrate through an otherwise “tuned out” family audience in a positive light while also building goodwill for your charitable support of the community. Plus, this investment is usually very low cost compared to the amount of distributed media that will advertise your business.

Enter or Sponsor a Parade Float

Very similar to sponsoring a youth sports league, sponsoring a parade––whether it be a Christmas, local high school homecoming, or Midsummer Night’s Eve celebration––is a fantastic way to get your name out there. It’s also a great way to help build your social media following by sharing and geotagging pics of your float online, while also getting others involved with the building of the float.

Host a Tent for Annual Festivals

Setting up a special consulting booth is another opportunity to show off your real estate chops. While some attendants will take your information and run for the hills, there will be a plethora of potential home buyers and sellers who will strongly consider your expert services.

Keep Your Ear to the Ground

The most important lesson to be learned from Patagonia’s philanthropy is this: Discover opportunities. There are so many different community events happening in your town throughout the year, many of which you will not know about. The best thing to do is to subscribe to local news syndicates and ask yourself when an event rises “How can I help?” When you think about giving back first, the benefits of your charitable works will follow suit. Giving back is one of the most effective tools for helping your community. When you can effectively use your skills and knowledge and invest your time in these events, you not only gain a large platform for demonstrating your services, but also a philanthropic medium for helping others in need.

Want to get involved with The CE Shop Foundation’s goal to eliminate childhood hunger? We’ll be riding for this cause at Elephant Rock on June 2nd. To learn more about how you can get involved––whether as a rider, fundraiser, or volunteer––please visit But if you want to ride, you need to hurry. Sign-ups end May 28th, and do not open back up until June 1st.

Good luck with all your philanthropic endeavors and helping your community prosper!