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The 5 Best D.C. Sports Bars to Catch the Game
September 8, 2020

The 5 Best D.C. Sports Bars to Catch the Game

by The CE Shop Team

D.C. Is a Sports Lover’s Dream Thanks to an Exceptional Bar Scene

From high school sports all the way to the pros, there might not be a better place for a sports fan to be than right here in D.C. We’re confident that you or your client will find like-minded fans at one of the many great watering holes regardless of where your loyalties lie. It’s all just part of what makes D.C. a fantastic place to live. The only question that remains is where should you recommend that a client go if they ask “Where’s a good place to catch a football game?”

5. Walter’s Sports Bar

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While Walter’s Sports Bar can’t be fully experienced with COVID-19 still looming, it’s definitely one to keep in the playbook. That’s because its 24 self-pour taps, where you get to pour your own frosty beverages, 220-inch 4K TV, and 30+ other TVs make for an experience that’s both refreshing and fun. Of course, the food is great too so don’t hesitate to order take out and bring it home.

4. Nellie’s Sports Bar

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One part gay bar, one part sports bar, we’re willing to bet that there aren’t too many joints like Nellie’s out there, making it a truly unique D.C. experience. Regardless, Nellie’s takes its sports very seriously and is regularly lauded as one of the best places to grab a bite, a brew, and a game or two.

3. Church Hall

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Church Hall in Georgetown is a younger, hip take on imbibing while the boys in red duke it out on the gridiron. While the location is great, its leather couches, communal tables (not so much with COVID), fireplaces, big steins, cocktails, boozy slushes, TVs, and open concept make Church Hall the religious experience that it is. See you in Church Hall on Sunday.

2. Ivy and Coney

Just as Democrats and Republicans can pretend to get along in D.C., so too can Chicago and Detroit fans, at least at Ivy and Coney. What some might consider to be a dive, others might consider to be a sports bar in its purest and most perfect form. We side with the latter, of course, and we think you would too after a few Old Styles and a Chicago-style hot dog.

1. The Game Sports Pub

When it comes down to it, anyplace can hang some TVs and serve cold beer. But to do that and serve a meal you’d go far out of your way for? That’s what you really want. Serving up Filipino food, craft cocktails, and of course less adventurous items, The Game Sports Pub is a one-of-a-kind experience that satisfies both foodies and fans.

We can’t stress it enough, a major part of what makes a neighborhood a great place to be are the restaurants and places that bring people together. Luckily for sports fans, D.C. is full of spots that make people feel right at home. As a real estate agent, knowing exactly what your client is looking for in terms of community is just one of those things that separate the good agents from the best.

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