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Tennessee Real Estate Has Derrick Henry-Like Stability
September 8, 2020

Tennessee Real Estate Has Derrick Henry-Like Stability

by The CE Shop Team

How Has Tennessee’s Real Estate Fared Through Tornadoes and COVID-19?

Derrick Henry is one of, if not the largest running back in the NFL, coming to a staggering 6’3 and 250 pounds. Most look at this behemoth of an athlete and assume he wouldn’t be fast, agile, or hold the stamina of a running back. Throughout his career in football during both his College and NFL seasons, he’s proved all of the haters wrong.

Putting up impressive stats since 2016 and leading the league in rushing yards in 2019, Henry has shown he is a valuable asset for the team, which led to a recent two-year extension for the Titan’s running back.

Derrick Henry’s Size Keeps Him Stable

From his on field performance to his off field training, Derrick Henry continues to show fans how freaky he is as an athlete. It’s not common to see a running back of his size in the NFL, let alone put up the numbers he produces week in and week out. What makes Derrick Henry such a threat on the field? His size is an obvious answer, but in the NFL, size alone will not make you a great player. NFL defenses are known for exploiting weaknesses within teams and individual players.

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Derrick Henry uses his size as a strength, but more importantly he focuses on his weaknesses to be the NFL star he is today. To keep his heavy frame upright when taking multiple hits during a single snap, Henry pays a lot of attention to training the lower half of his body.

Most notable in 2015 while still playing at Alabama, Henry was seen at a high school track sporting a 65-pound weighted vest, while pushing a Ford F-150 down a track and back. After this first round, Henry, still sporting the vest, then moved to the neighboring football field, flipping a monster tire several times in succession while progressively working his way down the field.

Coaches, athletes, and fans alike can all agree that Henry likes to train outside of the box and push his body to the limit to perform his best on the field.

Tennessee’s Real Estate Market Stability

In the last six months, Tennessee has gone through a major tornado and COVID-19. Yet, the housing and real estate market is still strong given the roads bumps they’ve encountered. Throughout the state, sales continue to surge, homeowner activity is steady, and home prices continue to rise.

The reason why the market has been able to cope with both a tornado and COVID-19 is because Tennessee is a great place to work and live. In its 2020's Best Real-Estate Markets report, WalletHub compared 300 cities across two dimensions: Real-Estate Market and Affordability & Economic Environment. Its data set ranged from median home price appreciation to home sales turnover rate to job growth.

Both Nashville and Murfreesboro made this year's list, and placed within the top 10 in a number of categories.


  • Ranked as the fourth overall best place to buy a home
  • Ranked second-best large city to buy a home
  • Ranked third in Real-Estate Market rank and 33rd in Affordability & Economic Environment.


  • Ranked as the sixth overall best place to buy a home
  • Ranked first for best small city
  • Ranked fourth in Affordability & Economic Environment rank and 11th in Real-Estate Market.

"It is not an easy time to buy as there is not that much inventory, and those homes which come on the market, fairly priced, go quick," said Ernest Hahn, Chair and Professor of Real Estate Finance at the University of San Diego's School of Business. "But interest rates have never been lower, and, for long-term buyers, that can dominate the reasons to buy now."

Image provided by Casey Fleser on Flicker

It’s easy to see the similarities between Tennessee and Derrick Henry. An all-star running back doubted from the start, who excels and proves the skeptics wrong - and a state’s real estate market that wasn’t supposed to bounce back from a tornado, let alone a global pandemic, and still ranks in the top ten real estate markets and places to live. The stability both have shown cannot go unnoticed and set both up for a strong future.

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