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Tennessee-Made Doghouses Worth Drooling Over
May 10, 2021

Tennessee-Made Doghouses Worth Drooling Over

by The CE Shop Team

We’re in the Doghouse Now

Humans and their canine companions go back a long way — some estimate as far back as 16,000 years ago. All we know is that, from hunting dogs to Smokey (the Bluetick Coonhound mascot for the University of Tennessee), dogs have long been part of the typical Tennessee household. For many pet owners, their furry friends' needs are just as important as their own, which is why some owners are opting to commission custom outdoor doghouses.

Doghouses in Tennessee

For dogs that love to spend their time outdoors, doghouses provide a nice place for them to feel secure, relax in the shade, or shelter themselves from light rain and wind.

In many cases, a doghouse can be purchased online and assembled within a few hours. However, some owners want a structure that’s tailored to their pooch’s needs. For that, they’ll need to go with a custom doghouse.

Oftentimes, custom-built doghouses can be crafted to mimic the style of the main home, will last longer than cookie-cutter doghouses, and some even can be outfitted with heated pads or air conditioning for added comfort as well as gated areas so Fido can relax on the patio without fear of any escape attempts.

Looking to find your pooch a homebuilder? There are a couple of manufacturers making custom doghouses in Tennessee, including but not limited to:

However, property owners who choose to purchase a custom doghouse could face some real estate challenges down the road.

Doghouses and Real Estate


Since they’re often structures permanently fixed to the land, custom doghouses, more often than not, are also considered to be “real property”. That means they usually stay with a property if the owner moves. It’s also possible, but not probable, that an appraiser could view the custom doghouse as an improvement, which could increase property taxes as well. On the plus side, a residential building permit is not required in Tennessee for sheds or structures that aren’t intended for human habitation, so you won’t have to worry about heading to the county clerk to make your pooch’s doghouse dreams come true.

While prices for custom doghouses aren’t outwardly advertised, a similar custom shed can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000+. Despite the potential snags that come with acquiring “real property” meant for your four-legged friend, a property with a custom doghouse could be drool-worthy to dog-loving prospective buyers.

Real Estate and Pets

Think real estate has gone to the dogs? You’d be right. According to a recent survey, almost 95% of pet-owning homebuyers reported that they thought about their pets’ needs when choosing which home to buy.

The survey also found that 38% of respondents cited a “big yard” as a property’s most important feature, followed by “outdoor spaces” at 29%, “garages” at 24%, “dog-friendly areas” at 22%, and last but not least — “interior square footage” at 20%. Not surprisingly, these are all attributes easily found in Tennessee real estate.

“We believe that a home is so much more than a roof and four walls. It is where family and friends come together and memories are made,” Nate Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer for, said. “The results of this survey reinforce that our pets are our family and an important part of what makes a house a home.”

Considering that ~62% of Tennessee households own a pet, it could be helpful to do a quick search for dog-friendly parks and restaurants near your properties using the pet-specific search engine to boost your pet-friendliness as a real estate agent.

And if you’re passionate about animals, you’re not alone. According to the National Association of REALTORS® study ”Animal House: Pets in the Home Buying and Selling Process”, 81% of the agents surveyed said they consider themselves to be animal lovers. Furthermore, 14% said they actively volunteer with animal-focused organizations, and 24% said they would in the future. Volunteering could be a great way to help differentiate your brand — not to mention help make a difference for some animals and their owners.

If you would like to sniff around for some volunteer opportunities in Tennessee, visit to find one near you.

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