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South Carolina Reciprocity Guidelines for Real Estate Agents
June 8, 2020

South Carolina Reciprocity Guidelines for Real Estate Agents

by The CE Shop Team

Getting a South Carolina Real Estate License Has Many Benefits

With miles of beautiful coastline, friendly people, and plenty of historic charm, we’re hard-pressed to think why anyone would want to leave South Carolina. However, we also understand that life’s full of twists and turns, so if you have clients looking to move to nearby North Carolina or Georgia, or if you’re not sure you’ll stay in South Carolina for the rest of your life, we’re happy to tell you that your South Carolina real estate license is recognized by other states.

Reciprocity Rules in South Carolina

If you already have a South Carolina real estate license, you may be able to get licensed in nearby states without many of their state-required Pre-Licensing courses. In terms of the states that offer full reciprocity, all you will have to do is take the state-issued real estate licensing exam. Not sure what to expect on the exam? The CE Shop offers online Exam Prep, which will help give you an idea of what to expect for any state that offers reciprocity with South Carolina.

States that offer full reciprocity for those with a South Carolina real estate license include:

  • Virginia
  • Colorado
  • Alabama
  • Mississippi
  • Maine
  • Georgia

Partial reciprocity means that specific states will require some level of education to be completed. States that offer partial reciprocity with South Carolina:

What if You’re Moving to South Carolina?

If you’re moving to South Carolina, the state offers full reciprocity for those who hold a current North Carolina, Georgia, or West Virginia license. Like many other states, you will need to provide your license history and must have been licensed for at least six months prior to your application.

All other states will require some form of Pre-Licensing education. Since laws are always changing, we always recommend visiting the official real estate commission website of the state in which you’re planning to do business, even if you’re moving to a ‘full reciprocity’ state. You will likely have to provide some formal information and meet other requirements (e.g. be in good standing with your local real estate commission or hold a license at least six months prior to your application).

It should also be noted that oftentimes out-of-state licensees cannot receive any part of a commission for a real estate transaction that occurred within the state. However, a licensed agent/brokerage can pay an out-of-state licensee fee for work performed outside of the state.

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