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Tips and tricks to keep your house appealing over the holidays.
October 12, 2018

Should You Decorate Your Open House for the Holidays?

by The CE Shop Team

Embracing the Holiday Spirit Can Help You Sell a Home

As the leaves start to turn and the temperature cools, we begin to ease into the holiday season, starting with Halloween. This holiday is your first best chance to decorate homes in a holiday theme and create a festive atmosphere in your open houses and showings.

Below are a few pointers to help you successfully stylize the homes you’re selling for the holiday season.

  • Keep all decorations nonspecific so as to keep the home relatable rather than personal. As suggests, “the seller’s personal life should not be prominently featured throughout the home.”
  • Stay cozy. During the holidays, warm and inviting houses will help buyers feel more at home and stay at an open house or a showing longer. Consider baking cookies or offering warm cider to your guests.
  • Host a themed open house before the holiday to entice the young at heart. For Halloween, you could organize an indoor trick-or-treat event or a costume party for open house attendees and offer a prize for the best dressed. This will draw in a crowd but also give you an opportunity to reach out to attendees after the open house is over.
  • Keep it classic. Elegant decorations, rather than kitschy, provide a classy look and feel that will attract buyers.
  • Don’t forsake the bathroom. Adding holiday touches in the powder rooms is an easy way to participate in the holiday spirit and one that many buyers will immediately notice.
  • Take the rest of the neighborhood into consideration. If there’s not one haunted house on the street, your decorations should remain basic to keep pace with the community.
  • Minimalism is key. Be sure you’re not covering up any of the home’s key assets with decorations. Instead, feature smaller displays and items that highlight the versatility of the home.
  • Optimize your marketing materials. Consider attaching a small card or flyer to your Halloween candy advertising the home, along with your address and contact info.

Whether the homes you’re selling are vacant or you’re working with the sellers, this is a great time to add some homey qualities. Adding a few holiday touches will help buyers visualize the homes as one that they can be comfortable in in the future. Discover creative ways to decorate any home for Halloween here.