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Sell Real-Life Gingerbread Houses in a Quaint Christmas Town
November 30, 2020

Sell Real-Life Gingerbread Houses in a Quaint Christmas Town

by The CE Shop Team

Give the North Pole a Run for Its Money With a Trip to This Washington Town

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so why is the season limited to just three months? One magical city nestled in Washington’s Cascade Mountains has committed itself to Christmas cheer, and now is its time to shine. Embrace the holiday spirit all year round in the town straight out of a snowglobe.

Living and Working in Washington’s Picture-Perfect Holiday Town

Between the charming Bavarian village, soft blankets of snow, and colorful, glittering light displays, there’s no doubt that the town of Leavenworth does winter wonderland best. Rich history, a booming tourism industry, and a market filled with real-life gingerbread houses make Leavenworth the perfect destination for agents. Whether you’re stopping by for some holiday cheer or making a permanent move, here’s what living and working in Washington’s most charming Christmas town looks like.

Living in Leavenworth

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Leavenworth has a rich history, first established to support the gold, timber, and fur industries sweeping the state and saw a subsequent boom when the railway came to town. In fact, up until the early 1960s, Leavenworth looked much more like the wild west than a European ski trip destination. As the once-profitable industries died down, residents started moving out of town, and the population dwindled. To both revitalize the city center and attract tourists, town leaders decided on a complete overhaul, leaning into the look of the craggy, nearby mountains to create the current Bavarian wonderland.

Today, residents enjoy beautiful public parks, highly-rated school systems, an abundance of outdoor activities, and tantalizing local cuisine. With just 2,260 year-round residents, close community and small-town charm are a guarantee in Leavenworth. The biggest draw for year-round residents and tourists alike, however, is the annual holiday celebrations.

Holidays in Leavenworth

While the Autumn Leaf Festival and Maifest certainly draw a crowd, the annual Christmas Lighting Festival is the town’s shining star. In a regular year, the festival begins the Friday after Thanksgiving and runs through mid-December. Thousands of guests gather at Front Street Park for live music, a Christmas market, firework displays, sleigh rides, and more. The lighting ceremony, featuring over 500,000 colorful, twinkling lights, is perhaps the brightest and cheeriest spectacle.

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This year, while there won’t be any in-person festivities, the lights that characterize the Winter Wonderland will still illuminate the night from Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day. Whether you just want a warm mug of holiday spirit or are looking to relocate to the town straight out of a storybook, you have a couple months left to take in Leavenworth’s characteristic colorful beauty. If you can’t attend in-person, this year you can get your fill of holiday lights virtually with a livestream of the downtown district.

Real Estate in Leavenworth

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Selling real estate in Leavenworth is a bit like being a real-life Santa Claus, as you get to deliver on the gift of a lifetime! Just picture yourself listing a whimsical log cabin, like this 4 bed, 2 bath, or a charming wooded cottage, like this 1 bed, 1 bath. We wouldn’t even blame you if you started wearing the classic fur-cuffed coat.

If you want to work in this picture-perfect town, the average base salary for a real estate agent in Leavenworth is $83,977. Between the unique Bavarian architecture and the strong tourism industry, this area is hot for homebuyers. The average home value is $477,977, which is an 8.7% increase from the previous year. Zillow predicts this figure will rise another 7.6% in the next year. This holiday season, why not branch out, make the move, and set up shop in this twinkling Christmas town?

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