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Santa Claus, Indiana: The Only Post Office to Employ Elves
December 15, 2020

Santa Claus, Indiana: The Only Post Office to Employ Elves

by The CE Shop Team

Get in the Merry Mood in Santa Claus, Indiana

During the holiday season, post offices are stretched thin as online shopping, gift shipping, and Christmas cards are sent out from every corner of the country. And while all post offices experience these seasonal highs, there’s one post office in the country that takes the fruitcake for the greatest increase in activity during the holiday season, and it is located in Santa Claus, IN. Why the spike in popularity? Perhaps you’ve guessed that it has to do with the town’s name; after all, its post office receives mail from children and children-at-heart all over the world.

Santa Claus became an officially established town in 1854 and was originally named Santa Fe. When the town was working to create their post office in 1856, their application was rejected because there was already a Santa Fe, IN established with the Post Office. So, after many town hall meetings and debates, they renamed the town Santa Claus, IN.

With this much fame comes much responsibility. Every year, the Santa Claus Post Office receives thousands of letters from children across the globe. So, to ensure every child receives their anticipated response, a group of local volunteers known as “Santa's Elves” will reply from Santa Claus.

Snapshot of Santa Claus's Come Up

This quaint and quiet country town, tucked away in the cornstalk-lit hills of southern Indiana, didn’t begin to live up to its own name until 1933, when townsfolk truly began to embrace their town’s potential.

The first unique attraction to sprout out of Santa Claus can be credited to a man named Milton Harris. Milton was an entrepreneur at heart; after giving up his law practice in Vincennes, he moved to Santa Claus to build his winter wonderland.

Purchasing acreage, Milt set out to build Santa’s Candy Castle, a work in progress that spanned decades as it gained new attractions and shops along the way. Starting out as a simple souvenir shop and blooming into an all-out Christmas compound, this themed attraction in the Midwest quickly became a popular attraction that thousands visited annually.

The tiny toy town, now called Santa Claus Town, was first home to half a dozen festive buildings that modeled Disney’s medieval fairytale architecture. Each building was designed and sponsored by a different popular toy manufacturer at the time, most notably Marshall Field's. Guests had the opportunity to watch toys being made inside, sparking dreams of future gifts on Christmas Day. It didn’t stop there: The unofficial town established its own Chamber of Commerce as well as a town newspaper to keep the festivities flowing.

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If you’ve ever dreamed of being an elf and fulfilling children’s Christmas dreams all year, then living in Santa Claus, IN is perfect for you. It’s very affordable to live in Santa Claus with a median home value of $191,993. This festive town is welcoming to all and offers a diverse market of homes to choose from, especially considering the size of the town. One popular area to live is in Christmas Lake Village. To stay on theme, this living area has Christmas-themed names for every street, and body of water, so be ready to embrace every season as if it were festive!

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