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San Antonio, Texas: One of America’s Most Haunted Cities
October 26, 2020

San Antonio, Texas: One of America’s Most Haunted Cities

by The CE Shop Team

Discover the Haunted Side of San Antonio

As one of America’s oldest and most storied cities, it comes as no surprise that San Antonio is also one of the most haunted. Remember the Alamo? It still stands at the city’s center. Historians estimate that by March 6, 1836, somewhere between 182 to 257 Texans and 400 to 600 Mexican soldiers lost their lives right where you’re trying to get a picture for your Instagram. Of course, the Alamo is just a small part of what makes San Antonio one of the most captivating cities for both the living and the dearly departed — many of whom allegedly continue to hang around some of San Antonio’s most notable landmarks.

The San Fernando Cathedral

Image provided by Trip101

The San Fernando Cathedral, a breathtaking Gothic-revival Roman Catholic cathedral, is a spiritual place that’s also spiritually active. By day, visitors from around the country, and sometimes even as far away as Rome, come to visit the historic church. By night, however, the congregation is a bit more ghoulish. Visitors of the cathedral report finding orbs in photographs, claim to catch glimpses of black figures and hooded monks who vanish, and also spot mysterious faces that appear in the cathedral’s walls.

The source of all this paranormal activity? Rumor has it that in 1936, a group of contractors completing a renovation of the church found human bone and battered military gear beneath an area close to the altar. Many believe they belong to soldiers who fought in the Battle of the Alamo. Others suspect that more human remains have made their way into the walls of the church.

Should you or your client wish to live near the cathedral, it’ll cost more than your wits when you stroll by late at night. Apartments amid the pretty city lights of downtown San Antonio can fetch anywhere from $400k to $600k.

Victoria’s Black Swan Inn

Image provided by Groovy History

Victoria’s Black Swan Inn has all of the makings of a haunted house; it’s old, it’s creepy, and it sits on the same land where the Battle of Salado Creek took place. Not surprisingly, then, it also happens to be one of the most paranormal places in all of Texas. Jo Ann Rivera, the inn’s most recent resident, told that doors would open and close randomly and that she’d often awaken to the figure of a man looming over her in the night. She then told reporters that her mother, who passed away peacefully in the house, also tends to make her presence known. At times, Rivera would walk down the hallway and hear voices whispering, “Get out.”

As if that wasn’t creepy enough, more sinister occurrences have unfolded by the milk barn behind the house. A spirit lingers there who doesn’t care for men, leading to physical attacks. It also inappropriately touches women, so no one is safe near the milk barn. Rivera’s friend thinks that the property is not simply home to multiple spirits but rather acts as a portal of sorts. Regardless, there’s enough going on here to grab the attention of the San Antonio Paranormal Society who conducted their own EVP tests and suspected the ghostly presence of a young girl.

Today, Victoria’s Black Swan Inn is mainly used as an event venue, but those with a knack for the scary side of life (and death) will be happy to know that paranormal investigations, “Slumber Not” parties, and ghost tours can all be had on-site.

Should you or your client wish to live near Victoria’s Black Swan Inn and its portal to another realm, it’s actually quite affordable. Houses in the surrounding neighborhood range from $150k to $200k.

The Menger Hotel

Image provied by Menger Hotel

Built in 1857, just over 23 years after the infamous battle of the Alamo, the Menger Hotel opened its doors touting itself as one of the finest hotels west of the Mississippi. Since then, it has hosted its fair share of famous guests including Babe Ruth, Mae West, Ulysses S. Grant, and Sarah Bernhardt. Some guests, though, never leave. At least that’s the case with Captain Richard King, the man best known for owning the largest ranch in Texas.

Apparently, King loved The Menger Hotel so much that when he learned that he was deathly ill, he checked in to live out his final night. His funeral was then held at the hotel not long after. The room where he passed is now the King Suite, and guests claim that the elevator tends to stop on the third floor where the room is located, even without pressing the button. Others claim to see the apparition of King himself, typically wearing a bolo tie and a black hat, sauntering throughout the hotel.

Of course, he’s not the only spirit there. Some say up to 42 spirits still linger in the Menger though most are benign, so you can enjoy your stay. The Menger is downtown, where it continues to cater to business travelers and tourists alike. Should you or a client wish to live in that area, apartments and condos are going to be in the $400k-$600k range given the close proximity to San Antonio’s famed riverwalk.

While these three spots are sure to give you a scare, there’s even more to uncover in this historic city. San Antonio has 300 years of recorded human history, but experts estimate that native peoples lived there 10,000 to 15,000 years before the Spanish first called it home which, if you’re a believer, lends itself to plenty of paranormal activity.

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