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We breakdown the advantages of taking real estate courses online versus in the classroom.
October 10, 2019

Ohio Real Estate School: Online or the Classroom?

by The CE Shop Team

The Benefits of Online Heavily Outweigh In-Person Classes

When you begin your real estate career in Ohio, you’ll have to take Pre-Licensing courses and get licensed. The requirements for becoming an agent varies state by state. What also varies is how you take your courses. In better words, should you take your courses online or in the classroom?

Ohio Real Estate School: Online vs Classroom

The inherent advantages of completing your courses online versus the classroom can dictate the difference between passing your exam the first time and having to take it again. Some of the benefits of taking your courses may not seem obvious, but could potentially save you money, resources, and time. 

Online Real Estate School: Advantages

Money: Classroom learning can cost you big time. Think about small costs that add up, like gas, babysitters, car depreciation, and taking off work. The list of expenses is countless. When you go online, you only have to worry about WiFi expenses and a computer.

Time: The most finite resource in the world is time. Every minute that passes in your life is a minute you lose forever. When you go to real estate school in a brick-and-mortar classroom, you’re losing countless minutes every day. How much? The average real estate student who drives to class three days a week loses up to 360 minutes (6 hours) per week. 

For example, as a real estate student in the state of Ohio, you could lose over 100 hours before even getting licensed. This is time that could be better used for studying, enjoying activities, family, or even planning your future business and career in real estate. 

Not having a class schedule also provides you the ability to finish your classes faster.

Flexibility: When you take classes online, your virtual courses are always open. As long as the internet is available––which it is 24/7 last time we checked––you’ll be able to complete your course load on your time. With classroom learning, you have to work to that school’s schedule. That means missing family activities, absentia from work, and any other routine-oriented, or weekly activity that could be lost when having to learn when the school dictates. 

Engagement: With engaging online classes, you’ll be able to learn through a plethora of different mediums for the same topic. That means online quizzes, topic explanation videos, and more––all at your leisure. 

Convenience: Handling a full work schedule with other responsibilities in your life can make taking your Pre-Licensing courses a daunting task. Why make your routine harder by driving to a classroom every day? With online real estate courses, you avoid all of the arduous tasks that come with classroom learning, making your learning experience that much easier.

Ohio Classroom Real Estate Courses: Advantages

Social Interaction: Having the ability to congregate with other students can have its advantages. However, some issues that students do encounter are the elements of distraction and groupthink. When you’re distracted, it makes it almost impossible to concentrate and learn. And when you are in large groups, groupthink sometimes leads to misinformation being accepted by the masses as factually correct. 

Distance learning through online courses avoids these issues completely.

Textbook Learner: Being a textbook learner isn’t a bad thing, and might be something you need in order to succeed on the licensing exam. That being said, online real estate courses provide the ability to print your courses. All you need is a printer, which happens to be cheaper than your traditional school textbook. 

Scheduled Classes: Having a structured class schedule helps some stay on-task. It’s nice to know you have to be somewhere and creates a routine you may enjoy more than the unstructured nature of online. Regardless, you will be entering an industry that requires you to make your own schedule. Learning to set aside your own time to complete online courses and study for the exam will help you get ready for this new career. 

Deciding which environment is right for you will help you succeed in becoming a real estate agent. Whatever type of school you choose, good luck! The Ohio Real Estate Exam can be daunting, but with the right support and resources, anything is doable. 

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