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Real Estate on the Route: Route 66 Sights Still Worth a Stop
December 18, 2020

Real Estate on the Route: Route 66 Sights Still Worth a Stop

by The CE Shop Team

The Automobile Drives Real Estate, Too

Since the first Ford Model T rolled off the assembly line in 1908, the automobile has changed nearly every aspect of everyday life — including the way real estate agents use cars to take clients to view properties. Without cars, the sprawling suburbs of cities like Oklahoma City and Tulsa simply wouldn’t exist in the capacity that they do, building those homes wouldn’t be nearly as efficient, and the dream of owning one’s own home would be far less accessible. It also means Route 66, which helped fuel the growth of many small towns in Oklahoma, wouldn’t be the romanticized, renowned cultural draw it is either.

Route 66 Today

Although today’s Route 66 is a far cry from what it once was with many of the neon signs, old filling stations, and roadside motels now considered Americana-chic ruins, the Mother Road still draws plenty of visitors looking to dabble in a little nostalgia or just take a drive. Oklahoma, as it turns out, claims the longest stretch of the famous road as well as some of its best, most authentic stops that just can’t be found anywhere else. We’re talking about places like:

Image provided by Lori Duckworth/Oklahoma Tourism

Waylan’s Kuku Burger, Miami

Old school burger joints are where it’s at, and Waylan’s KuKu Burger in Miami, Oklahoma is no exception. A living, breathing time capsule, this burger joint, which once used to be a chain across the Midwest, is the type of Route 66 haunt that offers a unique and satisfying taste of the past.

If you or your client should want to make a Waylan’s Kuku burger a regular affair, real estate in Miami is the answer; perhaps this jaw-dropping 4 bed, 3 bath country compound listed for $665k would be a perfect fit.

Image provided by Jane and Michael Stern

Rock Cafe, Stroud

From the quintessential American novel, The Grapes of Wrath authored by John Steinbeck to John Mayer’s rendition of “Route 66”, the Mother Road has been enshrined in American culture for many generations. As for the Rock Cafe, its claim to fame is rather recent. The little cafe was featured in the Disney/Pixar movie “Cars”, making it a fun stop for both the kids and kids at heart.

Small towns like Stroud could be a movie set. The only current listing in Stroud, however, is this humble little 3 bed, 2 bath property listed for $120k.

Image provided by

Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum, Warwick

The Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum in Warwick is holy ground for vintage motorcycle lovers. Formerly a filling station and machine shop, the museum is just dripping with character, nostalgia, and some of the coolest machines on two wheels. For those who love to ride or grew up around motorcycles, it’s a must-stop.

Those who wish to live nearby will have to go to nearby Chandler, Oklahoma and pick up this charming, historic 4 bed, 3 bath home listed for $139k.

Image provided by Adventure Road

Pops 66, Arcadia

One part gas station, one part pop (or soda) shop extraordinaire, and one part art installation, Pops 66 is a modern testament to the fact that the route is still very much alive. Whether you’re just passing through or in need of fuel, drop-in to this popular stop for a unique bottle of the bubbly stuff and a bite to eat. We guarantee that you’ll come across flavors you’ve never seen before.

Not far from Oklahoma City, Arcadia is home to some of the state’s most grandiose properties, like this massive 7 bed, 9 bath mansion listed for $5.5 million.

Image provided by route66coasttocoast

Sid’s Diner, El Reno

Food & Wine Magazine calls the Oklahoma Onion Burger a “National Treasure”, and there’s no better place on earth to get one than Sid’s Diner in El Reno. This decades-old burger joint is one of those iconic mom-and-pop Route 66 places that just can’t be recreated, and they’ve perfected the Oklahoma Onion Burger. To this day, we’re convinced Sid’s stands as one of the best places to grab a burger in the country.

Also not far from Oklahoma City, El Reno has plenty of nice properties for sale, including this extraordinarily beautiful 6 bed, 5 bath Victorian listed for $289k.

Ready to hit the road? There’s just something about these old Route 66 towns that have a slightly different flavor, and as it turns out, some of the coolest pieces of real estate in Oklahoma.

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