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Take advantage of the summer upswing and make a lasting impression in your community.
July 13, 2018

Real Estate by the Season: Summer Success

by The CE Shop Team

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?” - John Steinbeck

The housing market is often defined by seasonality. Home buying and selling pick up in the summer, sales slow down in the winter, but no matter the season, you’re working hard to serve the needs of your community. Just as housing differs throughout the seasons, so should your business strategies. For instance, some of your marketing strategies will be more effective in winter and some community outreach efforts can only be done in summer. There are several ways you can amplify your business and take advantage of the variances between seasons.

Below are a few ways you can use the summer season to your advantage.

Community Events

Summer is the perfect time to get out and spend some time in your local community. Scroll through social media events or check out flyers at your community center to get a feel for what’s happening near you. If you have the time, don’t pass up these essential opportunities. Attending events such as these are perfect ways to maintain an important relationship with your leads and expand your sphere of influence.

As important as it is to show up and have a presence in your community, it’s also vital to use these events as targeted marketing opportunities. Consider possible marketing opportunities before you attend an event and come prepared. For instance, if your city is hosting a pride parade, your business and associates could walk in the parade or exhibit at the event. Be sure to incorporate the real estate business into any marketing you create. A unique idea could be using the phrase “Love thy neighbor” on your handouts. This is just one of the many ways that you can make a lasting impression with new and familiar audiences.


Have you ever been to a baseball game or ran a 5k and passed banners marketing certain businesses? Sponsoring a sports event can help put your business in front of an audience that you might not interact with on a regular basis. On a smaller scale, sponsoring youth sports in your town can help build goodwill toward your business. As NAYS states, “Companies that sponsor youth sports programs make a positive contribution to their community.” You may see sponsorship as a marketing opportunity but your audience will view it as an essential donation to an activity that is near and dear to their family.

Open Houses

Open houses are at the heart of any real estate business and certainly don’t go out of style with the seasons. However, open houses are far more comfortable in the summer. Many families even spend their weekends viewing open houses in their area. This is the best time to perfect your open house style and make a good impression on the varied people you may meet on any given day. Be sure to treat each person like a potential home buyer, even if you can clearly tell they’re just casually browsing. If you can make a lasting impression on a “window shopper,” they might contact you when they do start seriously looking further down the road. Make your open houses more memorable with these fun food ideas or a refreshing drink on a hot day.