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Real Estate Agent Holiday Tips: 12 Stunning Christmas Displays
December 12, 2019

Real Estate Agent Holiday Tips: 12 Stunning Christmas Displays

by The CE Shop Team

12 Stunning Christmas Displays and Tips for Your Much Needed Inspiration

Trying to sell a house during the holiday season can sometimes be a struggle filled with questions.

“How should I decorate this home?”

“Should I try and match the neighborhood’s existing lights?”

“When will I have the time to decorate this home?”

“Is it worth it?”

Many of these questions deal with trying to match the neighborhood. Having a bare home surrounded by bright colorful lights and other Christmas fixtures creates a negative feeling when potential buyers walk up the driveway.

It can be a nag, we get it. That’s why we decided to scour Instagram for the most dazzling Christmas displays and share them here for your inspiration.

Some of these displays could be a bit much, especially if you have other responsibilities during this busy time of the year, or have current residents living in the home. This vision board should act merely as a guide for taking certain decorative pieces and adding where you see fit.

12 Stunning Christmas Displays for Real Estate Agents


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Tips for Decorating Your Real Estate Listing

Whether you don’t have the time or simply have caught a case of the “Ugh, I just want to sit on my couch and watch holiday episodes of The Office,” these quick and inexpensive tips should help turn your listing into something out of a respectable Hallmark Christmas Special.

  • Purchase a Small Tree: You can purchase a 6-foot tree for less than $30 from Target or ebay.
  • Decorate with Lights in Easy-to-Reach Areas: Inexpensive lights can go for as little as $3 on Amazon or Target. Make sure to hang the lights in easy-to-reach areas for convenience and time.
  • Hang Christmas Wreaths: Get 2-3 small Christmas wreaths and hang on the door and inside the house.
  • Light Christmas Candles: There’s nothing better than some Apple Pie Yankee Candles to greet your potential buyers at the door.
  • Set Up String Lights: These pentagonal bad boys are amazing for setting the mood.
  • Lightly Decorate with Outdoor Trees and Lights: Check out these tree-twirling christmas lights! They only cost $22 and take 13.7 seconds to put together. Nothing more convenient than that.
  • Other Outdoor Decorations: Think conservative items like reindeers or hangable snowflakes; not inflatable Santa Claus or, well, this. All outdoor and indoor additions should be done with class. Items that look cheesy will just make your listings worse and will lose you sales. Stick to traditional decorations with tasteful panache and you will be fine.


And whatever you do, don’t try and match the stay-at-home dad living next door spending $30,000 on his electricity bill alone. Decorating shouldn’t cost more than $50-$100 and, more importantly, doing it poorly could make your home stick out like a sore thumb, thus completely defeating the purpose of decorating to begin with.

We at The CE Shop wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season. Enjoy the time off and we look forward to hearing from you as we enter the new year!

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