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In this new real estate segment, we find out just how far $200,000 will go in Cincinnati’s real estate market.
July 31, 2019

Purchasing Power in Real Estate: Cincinnati, Ohio

by The CE Shop Team

How Far Does Your Dollar Go In Cincinnati?

So, you’ve just inherited a large sum of cash––$200,000 to be exact––from a distant relative who may or may not have faked his death in a Bahama parasailing accident. Regardless of how or why you have the money, it’s yours, and you want to invest it in the red-hot real estate market of Cincinnati. Well, we’re here to tell you what exactly that money will get you. 


This quaint two-bedroom, one-bathroom is conveniently located in the old-timey neighborhood of Oakley. A miniaturized southern-style porch greets you before you enter this two-story 1,008 sq. foot home. Once inside, you’ll notice a much more modern decor, with new wood flooring and vanity. In the back, you’ll see a flat, fenced-in backyard and quaint patio perfect for grilling, chilling, and throwing the pigskin around once fall breezes around. There’s also a sizeable shed for storage and small home projects. This house is perfect for an upstarting family of four looking for a quiet home in Oakley or nearby Hyde Park


If you’re looking for spacious luxury apartments with a fully-stocked fitness room and community patio, this listing would be right in your wheelhouse. Located within the gated Verona community in Walnut Hills, this open-concept apartment provides an upscale look filled with brand-new hardwood floors, a modern kitchen decked out with stainless steel appliances and a private balcony for relaxing or spying on your neighbors. There are two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms, providing you over 1,000 square feet to do whatever you want. 


Located approximately one B-52 song away from Downtown Cincinnati, this two-bedroom, three-bathroom townhome is the epitome of convenient. Besides the impressive renovation job, immaculate location, stunning balcony views and 10-foot ceilings, this townhome gives you all the space you need for designing the home you want. Some of the furnishings are a bit outdated––the home was built in 1880, mind you––but when you incorporate the 1,300+ square feet and location near every happening neighborhood with attractions like the Cincinnati Art Museum, Eden Park, and the Ohio River, your $200k will go a long, long way.

With a large increase in home prices over the past few years and influx of new activities like the building of FC Cincinnati in West End, we expect the Cincinnati real estate market to be a great place to invest in your next home. Owning a house, apartment, or any sort of listing could provide you with a nicely-sized profit. We expect over the coming years for this purchasing power of $200,000 to diminish as the Cincinnati home index increases.

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