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In this monthly real estate segment, we find out just how far $400,000 will go in the D.C. real estate market.
September 25, 2019

Purchasing Power in Real Estate: The District of Columbia

by The CE Shop Team

How Far Does Your Dollar Go In D.C.?

Close your eyes and imagine this: A man approaches you at a gas station and begins rambling about how Amazon HQ2 is the next best thing to happen to the D.C. area since George Washington. Suspicious, right? He follows up his diatribe with “You look like an honest person. Here’s $400,000. Now go invest in a home in D.C. before the Amazon real estate fervor expands past the Potomac.” 

Well, ignoring the fact that the guy may or may not have ties to the mob, you take the money and run...straight to the District of Columbia to purchase your new home. This is the purchasing power you’ll have with $400k at your disposal. 


This recently remodeled open space provides 1,750 sq. feet of high-end furnishings, transcendent natural lighting, and modern feel to a city known for its Baroque architecture. Featuring four bedrooms, two baths, and a savvy office space for paying your taxes or writing the next American novel, this home provides all the space you need to start a family in a quiet residential community conveniently located near two separate metro stations. Throw in the wide-open backyard primed with a perfectly manicured green grass and a wooden patio designed with class, and you’ve got yourself a steal. 

And they say the only criminals in D.C. are politicians…


When it comes to D.C., location is everything. That’s why this 740 sq. foot, amenity-rich apartment is the perfect “no reason to ever leave your neighborhood” home you can find. The open hardwood floor space has the necessary granite countertop, maple cabinets, and breakfast bar trifecta you desire with nine -oot ceilings to match. The building also has a BBQ rooftop area, vertical-style pool, and fitness center for 24-hour usage. Best of all, you are situated right smack dab between Mt. Vernon Triangle, East End, and a plethora of other happening neighborhoods filled with the best cuisine and activities in D.C.

Oh, and you’re less than three blocks from every known monument in the city, “so you got that going for ya, which is nice.''


Welcome to suburbia via a major metropolitan area! This two bed, two bath spanning almost 1,500 sq. feet provides an unbelievably spacious living quarters right smack dab in the heart of D.C. Besides the immaculate granite counters and modern kitchen appliances, this brick home provides a spacious master bedroom, walk-in closet, and a spectacular balcony view. Throw in the hardwood floors and built-in speaker system and you’ve got yourself one hell of a bachelor pad located right in Fort Lincoln

The D.C. area continues to see massive growth fueled by new infrastructure projects like luxury apartment buildings, renovation of previously ignored areas of the city, and the introduction of Amazon to the area. Owning a home of some sort could be an excellent venture for making money as we see the D.C. metro home index grow with time. 

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