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Powerful Women in Real Estate: Insight From Carolyn Fugere
March 1, 2021

Powerful Women in Real Estate: Insight From Carolyn Fugere

by The CE Shop Team

Advice on How to Be a Leader in Real Estate From Connecticut’s Star Agent

Connecticut’s real estate forecast for 2021 is hot - but that’s not the only bright spot in the Nutmeg State. Carolyn Fugere, Vice President of Strategic Growth for William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty and manager of New Canaan Connecticut brokerage, has shared her journey into the industry and offered sage advice on being a leader in this space.

How Fugere Started Her Career in Real Estate

Source: Zillow

Like many agents in real estate, Fugere didn’t always plan on working in this industry; her journey began with her first home purchase. She was managing a medical practice in Litchfield, Connecticut when Fugere and her husband began shopping for their first home. After finding a property they adored, the couple entered a fierce bidding war for the home - and eventually lost because the other buyer offered just $1,000 more.

This experience perplexed Fugere, and she felt compelled to make sense of the situation. Three months after that first-time buyer debacle, she earned her real estate license and quit her full-time medical job.

Fugere has grit. Even when faced with obstacles, she will find a way to succeed and win. On her first listing, she didn’t know even how to open the lockbox. Despite this initial flub, she turned what most would see as a sure-fire failure into her first sale.

“I try to push through and be OK about not being perfect,” Fugere said in an interview with Zillow. And clearly, her strategy is paying off.

Fugere’s Journey to Leadership

At 25, Carolyn began to see her hard work materialize into success and recalled her first major “aha” moment that solidified her passion for real estate.

“I had my own business, I was snowboarding on a Tuesday and making a deal on the side of the mountain - I was in control of my own destiny.”

It was then that Fugere knew she was in the right career and had the confidence to tackle any new opportunities that might arise. Eventually, her agency was acquired by a much larger company with a deep catalog of training and leadership opportunities ripe for the plucking. Utilizing all of the newfound resources at her disposal, Fugere quickly made a name for herself within this new company. It wasn’t long until she was presented with an opportunity to be a manager, which she readily accepted.

She invested her time into training and developing her team of new agents, which paid off in spades. Her team became the top producers in the company for two years in a row. Fuguere was recognized as William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty Manager of the year twice in concurrence with her new agents’ success.

Fugere’s Advice for Leaders

Fugere’s advice for leaders in real estate is to reinvent themselves every year. In the face of COVID-19, she quickly adapted and changed the way she coached and mentored new agents, meeting the changes and challenges head-on.

“There’s been this incredible burst of new and exciting ways to share information and engage. We started doing these ’10 in 10s’ — ten tips in ten minutes to explain listing consultations or ten things to cover when you’re talking about pricing.” Fugere has been conducting her training through Zoom calls and focusing on quick bursts of information that can be easily digested.

This is just one example of her take on leadership. Below is Fugere’s advice for new leaders, leaders looking to improve, and women looking to make a name for themselves in the real estate industry:

  • Don’t always try to be perfect.
  • Manage conflict.
  • Be real.
  • Find mentors, and be one, too.

For more information about Carolyn Fugere and her climb to the top of the leaderboard, check out her profile on William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty. To connect with Carolyn, link up on LinkedIn or follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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