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Pennsylvania Ranks as One of the Most Pet-Friendly States
May 10, 2021

Pennsylvania Ranks as One of the Most Pet-Friendly States

by The CE Shop Team

Pennsylvania’s Pets Are In for a Treat — As Are Marketing-Savvy Agents

Pennsylvania ranks third as one of the most pet-friendly states in the U.S., falling short of Washington, which nabbed first place, and Illinois, which ranked second. A report released by SafeWise used pet-focused factors to measure which states were the best and worst for pets, and the Keystone State’s love for its four-legged friends is great news for the 61% of Pennsylvania households that own pets. Savvy real estate agents and property managers would also do well to capitalize on this doggone good news, given the business they stand to gain by marketing to and serving this demographic.

Furry Friend Factors

Using the pet-friendly factors below, SafeWise measured where states rank within the factors below to calculate a score out of 100.

  • Percentage of apartments that are pet-friendly
  • Pet population
  • Pets-left-in-car laws
  • Veterinary reporting requirement laws
  • Tether laws
  • Anti-cruelty laws
  • Animal fighting paraphernalia laws

Pennsylvania ranked third with a score of 68.5, missing out on the second place slot by less than one point.

Pennsylvania’s Pets


Pennsylvania is home to plenty of pets and offers a variety of pet-friendly amenities to match. Between dog parks, pet shops, pet beaches, and four-legged-friendly breweries, there’s no shortage of pet-friendly attractions to explore in the Keystone State. As you consider how to best serve your pet-loving clients, keep the following information in mind.

Pennsylvania Pet Ownership Stats

  • 61% of Pennsylvania households own a pet.
  • 39% of Pennsylvania households own a dog.
  • 30% of Pennsylvania households own a cat.

Pets and America

Image source: PawlicyAdvisor

Americans clearly love their pets, and who can blame them? It’s no surprise that so many of us long for the companionship that only a furry friend can provide. Pets are scientifically proven to make us happier and can even help us live longer. Studies have shown that having pets in the office can reduce workers’ stress and can improve their focus and performance.

Millennials make up the majority of renters today and are also the largest pet-owning demographic. So, how can you fetch your slice of this lucrative pawportunity as an agent or a property manager?

How to Be a Pet-Friendly Business

Welcoming all pets, regardless of breed or size, is good for business. Renters often have trouble finding housing that welcomes their pets, with most rentals setting limits on the weight, breed, and number of pets in a unit. Restrictions like these turn away good business that can lead to lifetime clients.

After all, pet-friendly rentals cost more (roughly 16%) than non-pet-friendly housing, earning more for property owners and managers while providing a much-needed amenity to pet-pawsitive renters. Pet-friendly housing is also more attractive to potential renters. To cap it off, pet lovers are more likely to stay longer in one location, resulting in higher overall occupancy rates.

Being recognized as a pet-friendly business and helping these clients who would otherwise struggle to find housing will help you stand out and create buzz around your services, bringing in more clients. In addition to showing listings or rental properties that allow pets, try adding these easy pet-friendly perks to your business:

  • Keep water bowls out for thirsty pets.
  • Have a jar of treats ready for four-legged friends.
  • Make a sign that welcomes pets and their owners inside.

As a real estate professional, listening to your clients’ needs alongside their pets’ needs is important to get a balanced idea of what they’re looking for in a new home. Let your clients see your love for pets by being the information center on your community’s dog parks, vet offices, groomers, kennels, or even great pet watchers you know. Help them envision themselves enjoying their new property with their pet companion by their side, and you’ll be seen as the cat’s meow!

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