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Peer Into Connecticut’s Famous Glass House
June 1, 2021

Peer Into Connecticut’s Famous Glass House

by The CE Shop Team

The Glass House Is a Connecticut Classic

Connecticut is home to some iconic buildings, from the state capitol’s shining dome to the popular tourist attraction of Gillette Castle, but one stands out from the rest in terms of having an influence on architectural design today. We’re talking about the famous Glass House in New Canaan. This iconic glass home has four exterior walls that create a pavilion of sorts for residents and guests viewing pleasure over the surrounding landscape.

The History of the Glass House 

Built between 1949 and 1995 by architect Philip Johnson, Glass House is a National Trust Historic Site. As a historic site owned and operated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Glass House serves as a reminder of modern architecture, landscape, and art, and it will continue to be a canvas for inspiration and experimentation for years to come thanks to the group’s dedication to preservation.

The 49-acre plot of land comprises 14 structures, including the Glass House, and features a permanent collection of 20th-century paintings and sculptures along with temporary exhibitions. The surrounding landscape is as breathtaking as the Glass House itself, and without it, the grounds would be incomplete. The inspiration for the Glass House lies in the desire to live close to the outdoors and to be intertwined with the environment. Through the exterior glass walls, one can have an intimate relationship with nature without stepping foot outside.

"The Glass House started because of the land that was there. That was my hardest job by far. I worked for three or four years throwing out ideas. And it was all conditioned by the landscape itself,” said Philip Johnson on a walking tour of the Glass House in 1991.

Glass House Interior
Source: Wikimedia

Philip Johnson’s Ugly Past

For all of his contributions to Modernist architecture, there is no getting around Johnson’s dark past. He was a Nazi supporter and a writer for a fascist magazine, even starting a neo-fascist party. When Johnson’s architectural prowess started garnering him fame, he naturally tried to distance himself from his ugly ideology and dismissed his past, as though it was “just” a phase. However, his desire to distance himself from his past does not change his actions nor excuse them; supporting such an appalling system of beliefs is dangerous and must be called out.

The hate and inexcusable acts endured by the Jewish community are unacceptable. If you want to help and act against antisemitism, please connect with your local ADL organization. Take action to help secure justice and fair treatment for all. 

Real Estate and Architecture: Why Architects Make Great Agents

The worlds of real estate and architecture are not far removed and often intertwine. One focuses on sales, while the other is focused on the design. Architects looking for new career options can find great potential in the real estate business. This move is natural and holds lucrative opportunities for those willing to work for it.

Qualified architects have a broad range of knowledge that can easily be applied to selling a property. Having an eye for detail, strong visual awareness, and a solid understanding of building materials and structures can put any architect looking to enter real estate on a fast track for success.

With a real estate license, an architect can gain access to home listings while utilizing their diverse network to find potential new clients. Becoming a licensed real estate agent isn’t as hard as one might think; you just need to devote some time and energy to your new craft.

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